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Hot dawgs…

Posted in Outings with tags , , , , , , , , on February 8, 2011 by beatricebella

Hi all! Well if you live in Brisbane, or anywhere in Eastern Australia for that matter,  you’ll know that lately it’s been hot, hot, hot! And humid. Did I mention humid? Only about 90% humidity people – give a dog a break!!! Regular readers will know that late last year mum and dad got us a shell pool for the backyard so we could cool off over summer. For a while I felt positively privileged people. I boasted of our good fortune down at the dog park, bragging to any hound who’d listen about our luxurious courtyard water feature. At the time I heard whispers from some of the others about the existence of giant sized shell pools like vast deep azure lakes that could fit dogs AND their humans! Now mum had fallen into our shell pool once, (it wasn’t pretty people!), and our pool was certainly blue, but these myths and legends of enormous in-ground shell-pools in giant sized backyards just sounded ridiculous.

That was…until last Saturday people.

For behold the magnificence that is…A REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG SHELL POOL…!!


Hip happity days – I think I’m in love ! …with dad’s brother who owns said magnificence and let us swim all day long this last Saturday. *Sigh*. How will we ever go back to our courtyard people?

Mum, dad, you won’t really miss us will you? Now how do we amend these papers…Dougal get a pen and take this down “condition of vizsla ownership – must own real pool (sad little shell pool not permitted).

Now get your floaties ready D – summer’s here!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.




Rainy daze no longer = fun

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Hi all. Sorry for the very long delay in posting – it’s been a crazy few days and pinning mum down to help me upload a post has been a bit tricky.  Well as you may have heard our city (Brisbane – population: 2 million) is currently experiencing an enormous crisis – tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 4am we are expecting the river here to peak in what is likely to be the biggest flood here for over 100 years. Over 30,000 homes are expected to be flooded and many lives have already been lost all over the State of Queensland. This follows nearly a month of constant rain over a very wide area of the east coast of Australia. You can read about the emerging crisis here (The Australian), here (BBC) and here (New York Times). The Australian newspaper has today described the situation thus: “The Queensland capital is now the scene of a natural disaster unprecedented in contemporary Australia.”

Anyway yesterday mum and dad had to leave work  at lunchtime, do a quick shop for emergency provisions (including extra treats for us) and head home as the river was starting to break it’s banks in the CBD. Luckily we live up on one of hills with no chance of being flooded but an area of the next suburb (Albion) is already badly affected. Currently we are very lucky to be one of the few areas still with electricity – many areas of the city have lost power and landline phones.

Here’s some pics we took on our walk today as the water was starting to creep into the neighbouring suburb – the water will be much higher in these locations in just a few hours…

Here’s some pics below looking across the Brisbane River to the CBD.

And below looking to the city across the river from Hamilton in the north…

As you can see it was all too much for me and after awhile I couldn’t bear to look.
Worst of all was the eerie feeling all day – so quiet with hardly any traffic (as most of the roads were closed and the CBD evacuated) and rescue helicopters buzzing overhead…
Anyway D and I are off to bed now. We need to be rested and refreshed in case we need to help out our fellow Brisbanites when the big flood hits tomorrow… if you are a Brisbane reader and you’re affected – our hearts go out to you and we send you our best wishes for a safe return to your home.
You can donate to the Premier of Queensland’s flood appeal here.
© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Pool pups

Posted in Homelife with tags , , , , , , on December 28, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Here’s some pics of me and D enjoying our new shell pool. Mum and dad got the pool for us as a treat so we can cool off when it gets warmer. As you know I love water and D is starting to really get into it too! Anyway enjoy!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


Posted in Outings with tags , , , , , , , , on November 28, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all! As a special Sunday treat (and to celebrate the first time I’ve had 500 visitors to the blog in just one month!) I thought I’d raid mum and dad’s album to bring you some of my favourite pics ever – and taken just a few weeks ago – Dougal’s very first visit to the beach! You should have seen his eyes bulge with excitement when we first arrived!! Of course it’s at Hastings Point, my very most favourite place on this planet people! Yay for summer, sand and delicious cool salty waves! Enjoy!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Saturday shenanigans…Part 1

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Hi all. Hope your week has started splendidly! Well tonight I thought I might post on the typical weekend of an urban Viz whizz in beautiful downtown Brisbane. Since I installed the flags of the world last week (in the right hand column – check it out people!) I’ve had a much better idea where all my loving peeps are from – and I got a BIG surprise people – I have lots of fans in the USA!! Hi guys – loving licks and big waggles from me!!!… ANYWAY this got me thinking – maybe I should sort of outline a typical weekend day in the life for an urban K9 down-under!

So without further ado, I present for your viewing pleasure…last Saturday according to Beatrice “Bean” Bella and the dynamic Dougal(berry)…aka Sir Bark-alot!

6.00am – Mum it’s the weekend – can’t we sleep in a little bit longer…!? (Dougal – that’s it – get off me and I mean NOW!)

6.05am – Hmmmm…that’s better…space sweet space…..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

6.06am – MUM!!!!!!! Put that camera away – can’t you see he’s trying to SLEEP!

7.30am – Hey hey hey!!! Did I hear “walk”? Did somebody say “bakery”!?

8.02am – Whoo hoo!!! Brewbakers here we come!!! LOCK UP THE BAGELS PEOPLE!!!!

8.13am – Quick mum – get in line, we’ll wait with dad.  BTW I’d like my pup-a-chino extra hot please – and don’t forget the bagels!!

8.16am – I love it here dad – I get SOOOOOO many compliments and pats!!! (*waggle*)

8.18am – Awwww mum – are you STILL in line? (And can you get me some of those delicious baked bone shaped Brewbakers doggie cookies!?).

8.25am – Hey, wait a minute, where’s ours!? Whad’ya mean I don’t like smoked salmon!??

8.32am – Oh boy, oh boy – how much do you love it here Douges?  Food, pats, adoration, mum and dad home from work…SATURDAYS MAKE ME SMILE!!!!!!!!

9.05am – (whispering) Hey Douges – they’re buying cupcakes at CAKESTAR – this can only mean one thing – we’re going visiting!!

10.35am – Yep – definitely a good sign, in the car – must be going visiting! Wonder if it’s Gigi, Siegfried or Sophie?

11.05am – It’s Sophie’s place!!!!! Oh boy how much do I love it here!! Hey check out the creek D!!! Prepare for your first swim!! – and to meet your half-sister!

11.06am – Sophie, Sophie – it’s JUST a cupcake – come and meet your half brother!!!

11.11am – Okay, now all the cupcakes are gone we might be able to entice Sophie out to play…now follow me and….

11.12am – Holy tropic thunder!!!! What did they put in those cupcakes….!?

11.22am – Hmmm…we haven’t been allowed down here before –  I wonder if it’s safe…? Dougal – keep your distance – this is a serious reconnaissance activity…

11.46am – Best to stay on the lawn for the time being – at least Sophie’s sugar hit has finally worn off…

12.05pm (whispers to Sophie…) …yeah I’m a bit worried about D – he doesn’t seem to like the water…

12.06pm – Unlike us… (you had to go and eat the icing didn’t you Soph!).

12.12pm – Ahhh the solitude – silence is golden…the ducks, the frogs, the lizards…

12.13pm – LET US AT ‘EM!!!!!

12.24pm – Sorry Douges – I didn’t mean to neglect you…it’s just that…

12.25pm – ….running with Sophie is just about the best thing in the ENTIRE world (well except for long grass that scratches your belly…)

12.46pm – And then there’s the sisterly play-fighting –  only improved by the addition of water people…

12.48pm – What’s that D? Your not scared are you…? Hey D…come back….!!! We’re just playing!!!

1.06pm – Okay have it your own way – but you’re missing all the fun you big sooky baby… Hey Soph – is this THE biggest stick you’ve ever seen?

1.07pm – Okay okay, I know, you’re just a pup and you’ve had a long tiring day…  See ya Soph – time I took the lil’ bro home for a rest…

1.40pm – Awwww…home sweet home…how much do I love having you for a little brother D…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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