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Friday flashback…

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Me doing my best ET impression…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


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Hi all! Hope you’ve had a fab weekend and enjoyed our very first Christmas pics. I’m still trying to work out what this Christmasy thingamajig is and reckon I’ve got it pretty much sorted. Basically all humans go crazy and start doing weird stuff like bringing fake trees inside and putting funny little hanging things on top. It’s v strange if you ask me but I’m not complaining ’cause the food we’ve been having in the last week has been YUMMY! You won’t believe it but big fat fresh cherries are my favourite and dad’s been buying up big! Also mum & dad have been in a good mood, mainly after they drink that sparkly stuff from the bottle that goes “pop”. Dougal hates the noise (well any noise really!) and runs and hides when he hears it. What a sooky baby!

Anyway we’ve been trying to work out whether it’s safe to try and find out what’s inside the fake tree – but D says he’s scared mum will let out the evil vaccuum clearer monster if we make a mess. Last week D stole a toilet paper roll from the bathroom and shredded it all over the house when mum and dad were out. This made the vaccuum cleaner monster so mad it bellowed and chased us for half an hour afterwards. Luckily most times mum keeps it locked up where it belongs….in its dark scary cupboard lair. Nasty!

Anyway thought tonight I would share some of my favourite pics of the last few weeks – D is now 16 weeks old and about 12.5kgs and reckons he’s the man of the house – here he is at the front-door doing his best impression of a big scary guard-dog. As you can see he is very serious about protecting his pack – and while you and I can see he’s still a mere pipsqueak with attitude – you don’t wanna mess with this hound people – we don’t call him Sir Bark-a-lot for nothing!!! Nighty night all, 6 sleeps till D can bark all night at the fat man in red!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Happy Friday everyone…!

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A pic of Dougal, Gigi & me to get you through the day!

Love from Bella x

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Hi all! As a special Sunday treat (and to celebrate the first time I’ve had 500 visitors to the blog in just one month!) I thought I’d raid mum and dad’s album to bring you some of my favourite pics ever – and taken just a few weeks ago – Dougal’s very first visit to the beach! You should have seen his eyes bulge with excitement when we first arrived!! Of course it’s at Hastings Point, my very most favourite place on this planet people! Yay for summer, sand and delicious cool salty waves! Enjoy!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

School daze…

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Hi all. Hope you’re having a woof-tacular week!  Well you might remember that some time ago I graduated from puppy school with flying colurs. Since Dougal arrived over a month ago now, mum, dad and D have been mysteriously heading off a few times a week in the car leaving me at home by myself.  Just this week I found out why…D’s been going to puppy school too!

Once I found out about this I begged them to go along and apparently Ziggy my trainer couldn’t resist ( I WAS dux of my class people!) so I was bundled into the car as well. YAY!!!!

Boy was I in for a rude shock people!  Soon after we arrived at the park where the lessons are held poor D had some awful contraption called a “halti” fitted over his muzzle. Apparently this was supposed to teach him to walk properly on a lead. Anyway  he didn’t look too happy about it as you can see below…even with heaps of delicious liver treat bribes…

After some very convincing protests (that involved D getting some serious air) mum and dad decided to ditch the evil halti in favour of my much hated red harness…poor D!!!!

It was so bad dad had to administer some much needed moral support… and yet more liver treats…(aww thanks dad – now send some my way!).

Well you know what? I shouldn’t have been concerned about D. Little did I know the invitation to attend school as a mature age  “spectator” was an elaborate ploy – I was sold a pup people, yup dudded – before I knew it I was wearing one of these “halti” contraptions too!!!

Luckily there were so many exciting things going and the surroundings were so beautiful D & I quickly forgot how much we hated the evil walking devices…after all there were sticks to be had (well there was one stick – which meant we had to share, major bummer!).

Before long the class was over. While I had a great time playing with D – and it was better than staying home by myself…

I couldn’t get out of the halti and back in that car fast enough people…!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Show off!

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Hi all! Well no more suspense people…

Meet the one, the only, “Hubertus Satisfaction”…aka…

DOUGAL!!!! And his big secret is…(drumroll please people…)

…he’s gonna be a show dawg!!!

That’s right people – these pics are from D’s first show on the weekend. He’s the one on the right above and boy am I a proud big sis!!! The other pup with him here is D’s super cute brother Victor and the people are Victor’s adopted mum and dad, the ever fantastic TJ & DW.

Now above D is about to expertly demonstrate the “slack” pose (ha ha!! okay okay, sorry D – I really meant the “stack” pose… ) that mum and dad have been trying to teach him for WEEKS! He managed to hold it even when that judge (below) poked and prodded him in what can only be described as SOME VERY PRIVATE AREAS PEOPLE!

Now jokes aside, D did manage to stack magnificently but there was one small problem…mum and dad hadn’t taught him to run on a show lead and in front of an audience – he got stage fright and froze up like a little pupsickle!! ! Uh oh!!!!! Anyway long story short Victor carried away glory on the day (D reckons he let him win deliberately so his feelings weren’t hurt). Anyway after D was eliminated he got to watch Victor and his gorgeous sister Ginny in the ring…this is them below (Ginny is on the right).

Yet again Victor was victorious…then it was time for Frankie (below) to come out. Frankie is 3 years old and is one SUPER CUTE big boy people. Anyway of course he won. What a dreamboat…!(*sigh*)

After it was all done D, Victor and Ginny got to hang out together again in the crate until it was time to head home.

This is Dad looking proud and congratulating D on his first show. (Unfortunately I was at home for the duration)

And this is D in his favourite spot of all for the long drive home.

Oh well people hope you enjoyed D’s little surprise –  and don’t forget to stay tuned for future episodes of lil D showing off!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

You want me to do what!?

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Stay tuned for the news that shocked Dougal people…

You want me to do what!!!? (*Gulp*)

8 days to go until…all is revealed.

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Saturday shenanigans…Part 1

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Hi all. Hope your week has started splendidly! Well tonight I thought I might post on the typical weekend of an urban Viz whizz in beautiful downtown Brisbane. Since I installed the flags of the world last week (in the right hand column – check it out people!) I’ve had a much better idea where all my loving peeps are from – and I got a BIG surprise people – I have lots of fans in the USA!! Hi guys – loving licks and big waggles from me!!!… ANYWAY this got me thinking – maybe I should sort of outline a typical weekend day in the life for an urban K9 down-under!

So without further ado, I present for your viewing pleasure…last Saturday according to Beatrice “Bean” Bella and the dynamic Dougal(berry)…aka Sir Bark-alot!

6.00am – Mum it’s the weekend – can’t we sleep in a little bit longer…!? (Dougal – that’s it – get off me and I mean NOW!)

6.05am – Hmmmm…that’s better…space sweet space…..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

6.06am – MUM!!!!!!! Put that camera away – can’t you see he’s trying to SLEEP!

7.30am – Hey hey hey!!! Did I hear “walk”? Did somebody say “bakery”!?

8.02am – Whoo hoo!!! Brewbakers here we come!!! LOCK UP THE BAGELS PEOPLE!!!!

8.13am – Quick mum – get in line, we’ll wait with dad.  BTW I’d like my pup-a-chino extra hot please – and don’t forget the bagels!!

8.16am – I love it here dad – I get SOOOOOO many compliments and pats!!! (*waggle*)

8.18am – Awwww mum – are you STILL in line? (And can you get me some of those delicious baked bone shaped Brewbakers doggie cookies!?).

8.25am – Hey, wait a minute, where’s ours!? Whad’ya mean I don’t like smoked salmon!??

8.32am – Oh boy, oh boy – how much do you love it here Douges?  Food, pats, adoration, mum and dad home from work…SATURDAYS MAKE ME SMILE!!!!!!!!

9.05am – (whispering) Hey Douges – they’re buying cupcakes at CAKESTAR – this can only mean one thing – we’re going visiting!!

10.35am – Yep – definitely a good sign, in the car – must be going visiting! Wonder if it’s Gigi, Siegfried or Sophie?

11.05am – It’s Sophie’s place!!!!! Oh boy how much do I love it here!! Hey check out the creek D!!! Prepare for your first swim!! – and to meet your half-sister!

11.06am – Sophie, Sophie – it’s JUST a cupcake – come and meet your half brother!!!

11.11am – Okay, now all the cupcakes are gone we might be able to entice Sophie out to play…now follow me and….

11.12am – Holy tropic thunder!!!! What did they put in those cupcakes….!?

11.22am – Hmmm…we haven’t been allowed down here before –  I wonder if it’s safe…? Dougal – keep your distance – this is a serious reconnaissance activity…

11.46am – Best to stay on the lawn for the time being – at least Sophie’s sugar hit has finally worn off…

12.05pm (whispers to Sophie…) …yeah I’m a bit worried about D – he doesn’t seem to like the water…

12.06pm – Unlike us… (you had to go and eat the icing didn’t you Soph!).

12.12pm – Ahhh the solitude – silence is golden…the ducks, the frogs, the lizards…

12.13pm – LET US AT ‘EM!!!!!

12.24pm – Sorry Douges – I didn’t mean to neglect you…it’s just that…

12.25pm – ….running with Sophie is just about the best thing in the ENTIRE world (well except for long grass that scratches your belly…)

12.46pm – And then there’s the sisterly play-fighting –  only improved by the addition of water people…

12.48pm – What’s that D? Your not scared are you…? Hey D…come back….!!! We’re just playing!!!

1.06pm – Okay have it your own way – but you’re missing all the fun you big sooky baby… Hey Soph – is this THE biggest stick you’ve ever seen?

1.07pm – Okay okay, I know, you’re just a pup and you’ve had a long tiring day…  See ya Soph – time I took the lil’ bro home for a rest…

1.40pm – Awwww…home sweet home…how much do I love having you for a little brother D…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Dougal steps out…

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Hi all. Well I have been slowly adjusting to life with a baby brother. It turns out mum and dad had a secret plan to get him for ages as they were worried about me spending so much time at home by myself when they were at work. In hindsight I feel kinda mean ’cause boy did I perfect my “I’m so sad I could just pine away” look which I gave them everyday for a split second when they came home from work – then I couldn’t resist the the happy old V greeting of leaping around like crazy all over them and presenting them with random toys. Anyway they must have been worried.

So what can I tell you about Dougal? He’s now nearly 12 weeks old and he weighs between 7 – 8 kgs. He’s gonna be big cause his feet are huge I’m telling you, and like me he’s a bit of a fussy eater but will pretty much try everything once. He also looks a little bit like me and that’s ’cause we have the same real dad (he lives in Melbourne)! I overheard mum and dad telling someone that they really liked my temperament (wha tha?) and that’s why they wanted Dougal. Hmmm- temperament – don’t know what it means but I think that must be good.

So are we similar? Personality wise Douges is really smart (okay I may be biased!), he learnt to sit, drop and come when called super quick, much faster than me – but he also seriously lacks judgement – unlike me he has CHEWED up all of mum and dad’s really good stuff already – shoes, furniture, books (not the books!! mum gets REALLY mad about the books!!), I keep telling him not to – but he reckons what they don’t know won’t hurt them!! Hmmm…looks pretty obvious to me buddy boy – your factor 10 cute-ness will only save you for so long!! Anyway here’s some pics of Dougal’s first visit to the park…

As D (above)  is still having his vaccinations he isn’t allowed to the dog park yet which means I’m temporarily banned as well until he can go…as you can see from the two pics below I’m not too bothered. See how happy I am now I have a brother!

Below – D was loving the afternoon sun – ahh warm fur, a cool breeze, freshly mown grass under your paws = B L I S S!

Above – Have you ever seen a more handsome pair of hounds!? (Mum wrote that – awww schucks mum – we love you too!)

Above – presenting his lordship Baron Dougal Von Dougalby – oh did I mention yet that D’s A BIT of a poser!?  (Unlike me of course people!!!) Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

(And a big hello to mum’s real sister who is in New York!!!) Have a wooftacular time S & P and say hi to all those  NYC hounds for me…HOT DIGGITY DAWGS!!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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Hi all. Sorry I haven’t posted in ages – it’s been a crazy few weeks, the best and worst of times.  Firstly the worst ’cause my beautiful gal pal Ally was taken from her home a few weeks ago and hasn’t yet been found. I miss her so much. Secondly the BEST of times – ’cause after Gigi and Sophie went home, and I was feeling really sad about Ally, mum and dad decided to cheer me up with a HUGE surprise… (drum-roll people!)…yep you guessed it kids – a new baby!!!!  So here, for the very first time I can proudly introduce you to…my (wait-for-it people…) half-brother (*gasp*!), the indefatigueable, the magnificent, the courageous…DOUGAL!!! 

‘Cause we’ve been playing for AGES tonight I’m too tired to caption all the pics just now – but just for the record, as you can see, we’ve been getting on great…!!

Anyway must run people, I have family responsibilities now I’m officially a big sister…and it’s well past Dougal’s bed-time…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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