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Hi all! Sorry it’s been ages since my last post. Mum’s job has been v busy so I let her have a little break – but only long enough for her  to organise a long weekend away together for me and Gigi (!!) before G’s dad comes to pick her up this coming weekend (*sigh*). Anyway long story short we had a great weekend – even if it did involve 7 hours in the car each way to get there and back (groan). (Boy oh boy – that’s gotta be my longest trip ever!!).  Anyway here’s some pics from the trip – we stayed in an old logging cabin on a stream called the Little Styx River up in the mountains at New England (near Ebor/Armidale) in New South Wales. Mum described the cabin as “rustic” but I prefer “dog-friendly” which translates to “we were allowed to be inside with mum and dad and tear around like crazy” – which, I’m telling you people, was really good ’cause it rained the whole three days of our stay. And I mean – rained and didn’t stop once until there was almost a FLOOD!! Luckily we had a lovely fire which dad kept going all the time during our stay and G and I lay about soaking up the heat between bouts of playing outside in the rain and just hanging at the front door or the windows watching the rain fall.

Appropriately our cabin was called “Possum Villa” – now I say appropriate ’cause G has a sort of possum obsession and is forever looking up tree trunks after sniffing out roaming marsupials. We were hanging out  for the possums to arrive but unfortunately they must have been too scared of our shenanigans to show. Slackers!!! Now we may not have seen possums during our stay at the Villa but we did some some v weird creatures mum called “kangaroos” – boy were these things scary people!!! I’m telling you – they stood and stared at us then hopped away – yes people HOPPED. V weird – the  stuff of nightmares even – I mean these things were huge!!! (Oh yeah baby – give me a possum any ‘ol day!!).

Now before we start talking about the pics you might have noticed I called this post Trout. This is not just because I think trout is a cool word (Mum said if I’d been a boy I was close to being called Trout!!), but ’cause the other reason we spent 7 hours in the car to get to New England was ’cause it was the opening of the trout season (whatever that means). Anyway it seemed to make dad all silly, carrying a stick around with string and insects attached. (Mum called it fly fishing – dumb if you ask me – though personally I’m pretty fond of catching the odd fly). Anyway dad went out in the rain with some friends and the insect on a string thingy and came back with some fish – some were babies and had to be let go before we got to see them and some bigger ones ended up breakfast whatever that means.

Okay now to the pics – so can you tell me and the G apart yet? We’re pretty alike but the first pic is her and the next ones looking out the window and door, and resting, are me. You can also see our little red cabin and some of the be-ootiful streams up there  along with a duckie picture that we found framed on the cabin wall. Mum checked and the label on the back said it was called “Black Ducks”. I made her take a photo ’cause I didn’t think you’d believe it people – someone had decorated that cabin just for me!!




Well people time for me and G to hit they hay now so to speak. (Okay to clarify, really there’s no hay here at home but I am feelin’ dog tired so a little kip might be in order…). Hope you enjoyed my pics everyone and talk soon. Oh and yeah – here’s some advice  – don’t mess with those kangaroos…
© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.
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