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Introducing…Seymour, Pansey and Suki!

Posted in Family & Friends with tags , , on February 6, 2011 by beatricebella

Hi all. Well I thought it was high time I introduced you to a few more of my gang! By now you should know that I am a big fan of Felis Catus aka THE CAT. But did you know people that my very favourite cat breed is…the Oriental. Now there’s a few reasons for this, mainly being that they are sort of like V’s. You know, sleek, powerful yet elegant, great hunters, love of birds, weakness for milk, ability to leap metres in a single bound, deeply bonded to their humans…and all while looking v gorgeous – need I say more people? Anyway here’s some pics of some kitties whose humans ( C & D) are mum and dad’s friends. Some of these guys are ex-show kitties!!!! Maybe they can teach Dougal a thing or two!

Anyway, without further ado let me introduce you to… PANSEY (below)

Pansey (aka Rama) – Quanmarra Abelia – is 10 years old,  a retired show kitty and ex-breeding queen!  She was Kitten of the Year in 2000 (!!) and a Platinum Double Grand Champion!!
Rama loves to relax in sunlight, greet visitors, sit on laps, lounge on the king size bed.  She’s very confident, extremely talkative and is the top cat (like me, except of course – I’m a dog people!).  Her fur is silky smooth (well apparently, her parents told mum this but they’d bit a bit biased – show me the cat I say!) Purrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Now here’s SEYMOUR (below). Seymour – Quanmarra Light Ice is 6 years old and is a Lilac Tabby Point Siamese – what a cutie! Seymie loves to relax in sunlight, lounge on king size beds, climb his cat-pole, drink milk, and polish off any left over ice cream in the house.  He’s very goofy, fairly quiet although yowls randomly at goodness knows what (much like Dougal!), and thinks he is the top cat! (watch out Pansey!).

And not to forget – the gorgeous SUKI…!

Suki is a 4 years old Seal Point Siamese – with piercing blue eyes she loves to relax on the lounge. Whilst some would say Suki is, well, a bit pear shaped,  I’d prefer to say she’s just big boned!

C & D rescued Suki via the Animal Welfare League at the Gold Coast and got Pansey and Seymour from Quanmarra.  Quanmarra, the breeding prefix, means ‘hunting’.  Just like our love of ducks, Rama and Seymie love to hunt patches of sunlight to snooze in, and occasionally toy mice! Bring it on kitties – we love sunbaking too!

C says – “Rama and Seymie love BBQ chicken, DUCK (!!), lamb and beef.  They get raw chicken wings for their teeth and diced chuck or skirt steak.  All LOVE cat grass.Rama and Seymie often enjoy a weekly treat from Adam’s Continental when we go, however Suki prefers dry food.  She’s a more steak and veg kind of gal.”

Adam’s Continental (which C refers to above) (Cobalt Street, Carole Park), is the bomb people. I wish they had a website so we could link to it but they don’t. Mum & dad go there sometimes with a big cold box thing they load full of delicious European style sausages, and meats. Yum yum!! Unfortunately they make us wait outside and smell the delicious smells coming out of the shop everytime someone walks in or out. But the coolest thing is we get lots of pats, and sometimes people speak hungarian to us!!!! Can you imagine it people! Anyway back to the kitties…

…and it looks like they have a soft spot for cupcakes and coffee froth too!

And grass! Nom nom nom!!!

Now here’s a description of a typical day in the words of the Suki, Seymie and Pansey themselves:

4am – stretch, run up the stairs, see if mum, dad and new baby Gia are up.

5am – dad up, get pats and tickles, fresh food and water, back enclosed verandah opened for kitty tv time – watch all the birds, butterflies, bush turkeys and lizards.

6am – watch dad leave for work on the vespa. (yes they have a vespa too – just like mum and dad’s!!!)

6.01am – decide what is worth investigating and/or destroying today – generally on top of a cupboard, inside a cupboard (Suki can open cupboard doors, Seym can close doors and Rama, well, she just oversees, or directs, the mischief).  Its a recipe for disaster, honestly.

6.15am – determine optimum sun position for the morning and reserve seat.

7am – mum’s having breakfast, generally near the optimum sun position.  stretch, have pats and lap time.  Claim that dad didn’t feed us this morning, see if there is any chance of additional food, or better still, left over milk from mums cereal (why doesn’t she have bacon and eggs on a week day).

7am – noon – sleep in sun

noon – mum’s having lunch. stretch, have pats and lap time.  claim that food from the morning was tainted and new food is required.
post noon – siesta time, of course.  migrate from the verandah to inside for some play time then a rest.

5pm – dad home, stretch, have pats and lap time.  silly time!!!  racing up and down the stairs, playing with toys, chasing each other, leaping bouncing off the cat pole, all systems are go.

5.30pm – exhausted from silly time.  dinner time for kitties, and if we’re lucky, entree of cat grass!

6.00pm – mum and dad’s dinner being prepared.  initiate operation cute face in the hopes that tid bits of chicken, duck, lamb etc will be accidently dropped on the kitchen floor.  Depending on the menu, Seymie may get left over ice cream.

7.00pm – mum and dad dinner time – see above.

8.00pm – relaxation time with mum, dad and new baby Gia.

Anyway all hope you have enjoyed meeting the gang! Big thanks to C & D for assisting in my interview with the kitties!

In my next post I will explain the reason for my v long absence from the blogosphere during January…and yes mum that would be your fault…!!! The shame, oh the shame!!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


Saturday shenanigans…Part 1

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Hi all. Hope your week has started splendidly! Well tonight I thought I might post on the typical weekend of an urban Viz whizz in beautiful downtown Brisbane. Since I installed the flags of the world last week (in the right hand column – check it out people!) I’ve had a much better idea where all my loving peeps are from – and I got a BIG surprise people – I have lots of fans in the USA!! Hi guys – loving licks and big waggles from me!!!… ANYWAY this got me thinking – maybe I should sort of outline a typical weekend day in the life for an urban K9 down-under!

So without further ado, I present for your viewing pleasure…last Saturday according to Beatrice “Bean” Bella and the dynamic Dougal(berry)…aka Sir Bark-alot!

6.00am – Mum it’s the weekend – can’t we sleep in a little bit longer…!? (Dougal – that’s it – get off me and I mean NOW!)

6.05am – Hmmmm…that’s better…space sweet space…..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

6.06am – MUM!!!!!!! Put that camera away – can’t you see he’s trying to SLEEP!

7.30am – Hey hey hey!!! Did I hear “walk”? Did somebody say “bakery”!?

8.02am – Whoo hoo!!! Brewbakers here we come!!! LOCK UP THE BAGELS PEOPLE!!!!

8.13am – Quick mum – get in line, we’ll wait with dad.  BTW I’d like my pup-a-chino extra hot please – and don’t forget the bagels!!

8.16am – I love it here dad – I get SOOOOOO many compliments and pats!!! (*waggle*)

8.18am – Awwww mum – are you STILL in line? (And can you get me some of those delicious baked bone shaped Brewbakers doggie cookies!?).

8.25am – Hey, wait a minute, where’s ours!? Whad’ya mean I don’t like smoked salmon!??

8.32am – Oh boy, oh boy – how much do you love it here Douges?  Food, pats, adoration, mum and dad home from work…SATURDAYS MAKE ME SMILE!!!!!!!!

9.05am – (whispering) Hey Douges – they’re buying cupcakes at CAKESTAR – this can only mean one thing – we’re going visiting!!

10.35am – Yep – definitely a good sign, in the car – must be going visiting! Wonder if it’s Gigi, Siegfried or Sophie?

11.05am – It’s Sophie’s place!!!!! Oh boy how much do I love it here!! Hey check out the creek D!!! Prepare for your first swim!! – and to meet your half-sister!

11.06am – Sophie, Sophie – it’s JUST a cupcake – come and meet your half brother!!!

11.11am – Okay, now all the cupcakes are gone we might be able to entice Sophie out to play…now follow me and….

11.12am – Holy tropic thunder!!!! What did they put in those cupcakes….!?

11.22am – Hmmm…we haven’t been allowed down here before –  I wonder if it’s safe…? Dougal – keep your distance – this is a serious reconnaissance activity…

11.46am – Best to stay on the lawn for the time being – at least Sophie’s sugar hit has finally worn off…

12.05pm (whispers to Sophie…) …yeah I’m a bit worried about D – he doesn’t seem to like the water…

12.06pm – Unlike us… (you had to go and eat the icing didn’t you Soph!).

12.12pm – Ahhh the solitude – silence is golden…the ducks, the frogs, the lizards…

12.13pm – LET US AT ‘EM!!!!!

12.24pm – Sorry Douges – I didn’t mean to neglect you…it’s just that…

12.25pm – ….running with Sophie is just about the best thing in the ENTIRE world (well except for long grass that scratches your belly…)

12.46pm – And then there’s the sisterly play-fighting –  only improved by the addition of water people…

12.48pm – What’s that D? Your not scared are you…? Hey D…come back….!!! We’re just playing!!!

1.06pm – Okay have it your own way – but you’re missing all the fun you big sooky baby… Hey Soph – is this THE biggest stick you’ve ever seen?

1.07pm – Okay okay, I know, you’re just a pup and you’ve had a long tiring day…  See ya Soph – time I took the lil’ bro home for a rest…

1.40pm – Awwww…home sweet home…how much do I love having you for a little brother D…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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