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Rainy days = FUN!

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Hi all! Well it’s been wet and rainy here for weeks and weeks now people but luckily we’ve trained mum and dad so they know WE LOVE IT! Yay for rain! The only bad thing about wet weather is that when we get wet and muddy we get locked out sometimes until we’re dry. Boo for rain. Anyway that still eventually means one thing people – bath-time! Yippee! Yay for rain!

Anyway here’s some pics dad took when we were at Sophie’s recently and we were so muddy WE GOT LOCKED OUT while they were inside all dry and warm and…EATING! The worst think was they were laughing at our sorry little faces through the glass. Hrmp!! Anyway L-R below are yours truely, Dougal and Sophie, above in the new (!) pink collar is moi (check that collar people!).

You might have noticed I’ve been busy lately improving the layout and adding extra bits to the blog, what a good little doggie blogger I am! Anyway people just to let you know today I added a new page (yes I’m on a roll!), a gallery of my all time favourite pics of moi.  Check it out people, all compliments on my utter cuteness elegance and poise graciously accepted!

I’ve also been in deep discussions with Dougal and we plan a Dougal gallery in coming days. These pages will be updated regularly as and when we are overcome with joy at images that please us in a paw-some way. Also keep an eye on Bella’s friends as new friends are added…

Oh well people, my work here is done – this is me signing off for 2010 – see you next year people!


© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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