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Just beachy…bring the baklava!!

Posted in Food with tags , , on May 31, 2011 by beatricebella

Hi all. Long time no see. I know – I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately – but don’t blame me people! (blame it on my MUM!!!)

So did you all have a fantastic weekend? We did – and it involved a beach people! As usual mum forgot to take the camera so all I can post today are some pics of us at the beach in November last year that mum was too slack to help me post yet – she really is a bit of a dud…(In fact she is so much of a dud she forgot to post on our blogoversary  last Sunday!! HOPELESS!

Anyway as you can see here I am with a stick. I do love sticks and so does Dougal, though entertaining as they may be, I’m here to tell you people – they don’t taste as good as mum’s baklava!!


Did somebody say…BAKLAVA!??

Yes slack she may be – but last week she made us…BAKLAVA !!! I know I know, doggie dentist here we come but really – we had just a tiny tiny nibble, just enough to discover I really really really love pistachios…hmmmm…crunchy green goodness! Unfortunately after we ate the sweet delight it was forced toothbrushing at 50 paces – mum gave us poultry flavoured toothpaste (I would kid you not people), on a scratchy brush she rubbed on our teeth. Foul…LITERALLY!!! Bleeaaaak..!!!!

As for food scavenging  sampling techniques…while I prefer to wait on my sheepskin in the lounge-room to be presented with the sweet and delicious products of mum’s kitchen toil IN DUE COURSE, D’s preferred approach is to spend every waking moment dutifully hovering (HOOVERING more like!) in the kitchen while mum cooks – in fact he watches her every move and never leaves her side. As a result D has taken a liking to all sorts of strange foods I would never usually be offered – his very favourite at the moment being raw carrots and whole green beans.

PLLLAAASSSEEEE PEOPLE!!!!  Double bleeaaakkkk!!!

All I can say is…MUM BRING  ME THAT BAKLAVA!!!!

PS. The real reason I’m angry with mum is I only got a sniff of the baklava and a nibble of one measly syrup coated pistachio before I was subjected to the poultry flavoured toothpaste. Hrmmmpp!!! So unfair people…

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