My sister, my Sophie

Favourite photos of my beautiful gentle sister Sophie…

Sophie as a wee baby (then affectionately know as Miss Yellow!).

All the gang! Me second from left, Soph extreme right.

Me and Soph do our best to destroy her dad’s Japanese rock garden…

Oh boy, all that destruction is exhausting…thank goodness for pillows sisters!

What can I say, together we redefine cute…!

Bella & Sophie star in…Vizsla Wars…coming to a backyard near you!! Grrrrr!!!

Sophie = luxury dog pillow.

Chill out time – me at front collapsed, Soph behind.

Our first beach trip! YAY – Soph flies in front, I follow.

Mmmmm…chicken dinner!

That’s the biggest vizsla I’ve ever seen!”

Sophie’s place – grass, creek, mud  = a recipe for FUN!

You’re feeling very sleepy….on the count of 5 you will no longer have a cupcake addiction

Sophie at our place…

Sophie’s place, rainy day…

My beautiful sis on her first birthday…(L – R Sophie, Dougal, me, Gigi).

2 Responses to “My sister, my Sophie”

  1. Sophie's Mum and Dad Says:

    This is so beautiful, so sad, and evokes such happy and proud memories in us of Sophie and all the fun times she had with you and your Mum and Dad – it has been an honour to have you and your parents as Sophie’s and our friends

  2. Vale, Sophie, you will be sadly missed.

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