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Hello people – I’m famous!

Posted in Vizsla on September 21, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Well it was just a matter of time…a hound as sassy, gorgeous and adorable as myself should get her 15 minutes! No seriously people…I’m excited…you won’t believe it but my little blog just got featured on the wonderful and amazing All Dog Blog! You can check out their fab posting here and see for yourself or get to the site via my Blogroll! To celebrate mum let me have a tiny nibble on a cup-cake (but don’t tell dad…!) then I got to gnaw on a pigs trotter she brought back from her work trip for me. I tell you people – the privileges!!!! (Gigi was not allowed any as she’s on a diet ’till her parents get home – poor G!).

Anyway mum says the blog feature on All Dog Blog has generated lots of traffic. I don’t really like traffic, it scares me senseless – all those horrid cars – so I’m not sure why she’s so excited. BUT – if you’re a new reader, welcome to my humble blog and I hope you enjoy my super duper dog-tastic adventures. If you want to know more about me head on over to About, but before you do people, look into my “melt your heart eyes”. Now… are you looking? Okay, listen carefully…okay I want to to relax, imagine this -, you can see acres of lush green grass, (you are falling into a deep sleep…),  there are sticks to retrieve (you are falling into a deeper sleep…), ducks swimming idly on a meandering stream (you are falling into an even deeper sleep people…), dead things to roll in, bones in abundance (people you are now virtually snoring!!), now focus…are you focussed people?…relax…are you relaxed? Very good…listen carefully people…NOW SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG”!!!!!

Did it work!? Aww…c’mon people – give a hound a break…Okay okay no pressure…but I sure would like you to subscribe so I can keep mum interested so she’ll keep helping me to post each week.

Okay this is me signing off for now – I have a big half gnawed trotter sitting right here next to the keyboard with my name on it and I reckon my 15 minutes are probably just about up!!

Nighty night all. Sleep tight.

(“Gigi, Gigi – step away from that trotter…I mean NOW!!!”)

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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