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And so it began…

Posted in Travel with tags , , , , , on March 28, 2011 by beatricebella

Hi all. Guess where this is…?

If you guessed Budapest, Hungary, you’d be 100% correct people! And guess what this is…?

Yep right again! It’s a vizsla mum & dad were too slow to photograph properly in a park in Budapest! Below is the amazingly beautiful park it was frolicking in…

And here people is the VERY FIRST vizsla mum & dad ever saw in real life…it was in a different park, again in Budapest. I’m note sure what that sign means…these were taken back in 2008 when we were just a twinkle in our vizsla mum & dad’s eye!

Anyway this ‘lil gal in a park in Budapest started it all – mum & dad’s V obsession…after that chance sighting it was just a matter of time until the lure of the V became just too strong to resist…

…to be continued.

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


Posted in Travel with tags , , , , on October 6, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all! Sorry it’s been ages since my last post. Mum’s job has been v busy so I let her have a little break – but only long enough for her  to organise a long weekend away together for me and Gigi (!!) before G’s dad comes to pick her up this coming weekend (*sigh*). Anyway long story short we had a great weekend – even if it did involve 7 hours in the car each way to get there and back (groan). (Boy oh boy – that’s gotta be my longest trip ever!!).  Anyway here’s some pics from the trip – we stayed in an old logging cabin on a stream called the Little Styx River up in the mountains at New England (near Ebor/Armidale) in New South Wales. Mum described the cabin as “rustic” but I prefer “dog-friendly” which translates to “we were allowed to be inside with mum and dad and tear around like crazy” – which, I’m telling you people, was really good ’cause it rained the whole three days of our stay. And I mean – rained and didn’t stop once until there was almost a FLOOD!! Luckily we had a lovely fire which dad kept going all the time during our stay and G and I lay about soaking up the heat between bouts of playing outside in the rain and just hanging at the front door or the windows watching the rain fall.

Appropriately our cabin was called “Possum Villa” – now I say appropriate ’cause G has a sort of possum obsession and is forever looking up tree trunks after sniffing out roaming marsupials. We were hanging out  for the possums to arrive but unfortunately they must have been too scared of our shenanigans to show. Slackers!!! Now we may not have seen possums during our stay at the Villa but we did some some v weird creatures mum called “kangaroos” – boy were these things scary people!!! I’m telling you – they stood and stared at us then hopped away – yes people HOPPED. V weird – the  stuff of nightmares even – I mean these things were huge!!! (Oh yeah baby – give me a possum any ‘ol day!!).

Now before we start talking about the pics you might have noticed I called this post Trout. This is not just because I think trout is a cool word (Mum said if I’d been a boy I was close to being called Trout!!), but ’cause the other reason we spent 7 hours in the car to get to New England was ’cause it was the opening of the trout season (whatever that means). Anyway it seemed to make dad all silly, carrying a stick around with string and insects attached. (Mum called it fly fishing – dumb if you ask me – though personally I’m pretty fond of catching the odd fly). Anyway dad went out in the rain with some friends and the insect on a string thingy and came back with some fish – some were babies and had to be let go before we got to see them and some bigger ones ended up breakfast whatever that means.

Okay now to the pics – so can you tell me and the G apart yet? We’re pretty alike but the first pic is her and the next ones looking out the window and door, and resting, are me. You can also see our little red cabin and some of the be-ootiful streams up there  along with a duckie picture that we found framed on the cabin wall. Mum checked and the label on the back said it was called “Black Ducks”. I made her take a photo ’cause I didn’t think you’d believe it people – someone had decorated that cabin just for me!!




Well people time for me and G to hit they hay now so to speak. (Okay to clarify, really there’s no hay here at home but I am feelin’ dog tired so a little kip might be in order…). Hope you enjoyed my pics everyone and talk soon. Oh and yeah – here’s some advice  – don’t mess with those kangaroos…
© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

New York, New York!

Posted in Travel on August 25, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Well day 7 and still no sign of poor Scooter – we’re beginning to think someone may have adopted her. Well it’s a drizzly Wednesday evening here in Brisvegas and I have a serious bagel craving – so I’ve hit the photo file to bring you some of my very favourite dog-tastic pics from, where else, but bagel central – New York New York!!

This is dad checking out a Giacometti dog at MOMA…

This is the craziest guy I’ve ever seen (I mean seriously people – poodles and labradors….NOT my idea of showing off  NYC style!)

This is more like it though…

And what’s about the only thing tastier than a bagel…a genuine NYC hot dawg! Dogone!!!

Not to be confused with a snag dog!

And talking about confusing – I thought they called it the BIG APPLE!

Last but not least is what I like to refer to as the tough fluff…Who you lookin’ at Willis!?

Ah – New York, New York…what a wonderful town!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Shoes life…

Posted in Travel on July 19, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Had hoped to post tonight on the final leg of my exciting road-trip down south but had a big afternoon at the dog park playing with my super-cool pal Nina – which, along with the tedious Australian election campaign(!), wore me out completely.  This was on top of a fab weekend-long sleep-over at my place last week with my older cousin Gigi! But more on our adventures later…

Anyway – after playing like crazy with the gals – who are both V’s like me, I’m officially EXHAUSTED!!! So today instead of sorting through pics from my road-trip I did another quick raid on mum and dad’s photo album. They took this pic in Prague…it’s gotta be a shoe in for my favourite!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


Posted in Travel on June 29, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Today I am outraged at the pic below taken in NYC…it ain’t no Paris that’s for sure! Canines of the world unite!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Parlez-vous canine?

Posted in Ducks!, Food, Travel on June 17, 2010 by beatricebella

Sacré Bleu!

Okay okay I know the French don’t really use that phrase but holy dawdling ducklings…how lucky are those French hounds!!? Not only are they allowed EVERYWHERE (and I mean in cafes, restaurants, cinemas and department stores) but they also have driving privileges!  Check out these photos my parents took in a place called La Chaise-Dieu in the Auvergne. Typical French driver – looks like he ran into a bit of traffic ‘eh!

Anyway there are apparently more pet pooches per head of population in France than anywhere else in the world! With the type of luxury demonstrated below in the French city of Auch I’m not surprised any self respecting European hound would make a pee line for Provence!

And the city of Auch brings me once again to my favourite subject – the humble duck. And what, my friend, is nearly the only thing better than a duck?  Yes that’s right my loyal followers…A FRENCH DUCK!

And what is the only thing better than A FRENCH DUCK…? Of course that would be….A DEAD FRENCH DUCK..!

Just kidding, just kidding! As you know by now I’m something of a duck connoisseur voyeur – meaning I just like to watch and point feebly as they paddle away (that would be as opposed to stalking, and taking gratuitous pleasure as I use my powerful hind legs to launch off the creek bank and land with a single magnificent leap in the middle of the flock scaring the living…er ahem…sorry, sorry, forgot myself there momentarily…).

Anyway apparently there is some kind of national obession in old Fron-say with these little quackers lovely little waterfowl as evidenced below…tre fantastique!

What I don’t understand is…for a country that has such good taste in some respects…what could possibly explain the urge to eat THIS….!?

I will get in such big trouble for that comment if mum and dad read this, they love all types of French food INCLUDING (cough up a fur-ball people…!) SNAILS!!!!) (I bet they only call them ESCARGO so you arn’t reminded you’re actually eating a big sticky slimey snail…and guess what people…check it out –  they have eyes for God-sakes!!

While the thought of tucking into a big bowl of escargo doesn’t melt my muzzle the idea of raiding les saucisses does…I’m no vegan Vizsla that’s for sure (though I’d have to think about it awhile before I hoed into these donkey sangers…I mean they’re related to horses arn’t they? – whoa – back off Julia Childs, some of my best friends are horses lady!)

What I’d MUCH prefer is to go  snuffle a truffle… just a sniff mind you (and maybe a bit shaved over my poached eggs in the morning?).

Well it’s getting late so I’d better draw Part 1 of my French odyssey to a close and get these pics back into mum’s  photo album before she notices they’re missing (gnawed and slightly slobbery – especially the duck ones…).

I’ll leave you with two last ones. Wish they had brought me back this book from that market in NYC…

Would have helped me with my parlez-vous Anglais to this uppity Parisian ice maiden they brought back from their last trip – no matter how much I bark at her she stares straight ahead and completely ignores me. Haughty cow. The arrogance of the French ‘eh. Merde!

Oh well this is me signing off for today and striking my best French pose…Au Revoir peasants!


(a) No ducks or snails were harmed in the writing of this blog.

(b) Okay, there might have been some slobber, but I don’t think that counts as actual harm.

(c) And I know already that it’s supposed to be Leda and the Swan but I wanted an extra silly duck picture…so now you got Leda and the Duck kiddos!

(d) I summarily apologise to the French. They are wonderful, have always been so and everything about France is tre fantastique!

(e) They very nearly called me Cassoulet instead of Bella – close call ‘eh!

(f) That dog wasn’t really driving officer…honest.

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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