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Just beachy…bring the baklava!!

Posted in Food with tags , , on May 31, 2011 by beatricebella

Hi all. Long time no see. I know – I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately – but don’t blame me people! (blame it on my MUM!!!)

So did you all have a fantastic weekend? We did – and it involved a beach people! As usual mum forgot to take the camera so all I can post today are some pics of us at the beach in November last year that mum was too slack to help me post yet – she really is a bit of a dud…(In fact she is so much of a dud she forgot to post on our blogoversary  last Sunday!! HOPELESS!

Anyway as you can see here I am with a stick. I do love sticks and so does Dougal, though entertaining as they may be, I’m here to tell you people – they don’t taste as good as mum’s baklava!!


Did somebody say…BAKLAVA!??

Yes slack she may be – but last week she made us…BAKLAVA !!! I know I know, doggie dentist here we come but really – we had just a tiny tiny nibble, just enough to discover I really really really love pistachios…hmmmm…crunchy green goodness! Unfortunately after we ate the sweet delight it was forced toothbrushing at 50 paces – mum gave us poultry flavoured toothpaste (I would kid you not people), on a scratchy brush she rubbed on our teeth. Foul…LITERALLY!!! Bleeaaaak..!!!!

As for food scavenging  sampling techniques…while I prefer to wait on my sheepskin in the lounge-room to be presented with the sweet and delicious products of mum’s kitchen toil IN DUE COURSE, D’s preferred approach is to spend every waking moment dutifully hovering (HOOVERING more like!) in the kitchen while mum cooks – in fact he watches her every move and never leaves her side. As a result D has taken a liking to all sorts of strange foods I would never usually be offered – his very favourite at the moment being raw carrots and whole green beans.

PLLLAAASSSEEEE PEOPLE!!!!  Double bleeaaakkkk!!!

All I can say is…MUM BRING  ME THAT BAKLAVA!!!!

PS. The real reason I’m angry with mum is I only got a sniff of the baklava and a nibble of one measly syrup coated pistachio before I was subjected to the poultry flavoured toothpaste. Hrmmmpp!!! So unfair people…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.

Chicken little…

Posted in Food on August 29, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all! Well Sunday night and we just arrived home from a super dooper big weekend away visiting mum’s folks! We had a great time – all the more ’cause my friend Gigi came to stay this weekend and will be spending the next 6 weeks with us! YIPPEE! Her mum and dad dropped her off on Friday night, and Saturday morning (after heading to Brewbakers bakery to load up with delicious Bagels!) we headed south on a mini-road trip. Mum and dad have just started a new tradition of stopping at the beach on the way down south and back – which meant Gigi and I had what can only be described as the BEST TIME EVER! I know I know – you know me well enough now to know I am prone to the occasional bout of exaggeration – but I’m being serious here guys – I mean sand AND swimming were involved! Anyway  Mum says she’s too tired after chasing us all over the beach to help me download the pics and post them tonight but said if I promised I’d be good she’ll help me with it later in the week. Paws crossed!

So tonight I thought I’d post about one of my all time favourite foods – can you guess what it is? Yep, the humble CHICKEN!!!!! So people I have to tell you that I love chicken SOOOOO much that mum and dad let me have it for one whole meal a day (’cause I’m a puppy I still get two meals a day plus if I’m really good I also get a brisket bone). My favourite is organic chicken necks – delish – raw of course – and if I’m really lucky I get an egg too. This is supposed to make my coat shine (according to dad), but I don’t care ’cause they taste so good! Sometimes if I’m really lucky, and mum has time (it gets v messy!), I get a whole raw egg to play with then eat – how lucky am I? I tried to eat the shell a few times, high in calcium apparently, but frankly people I have to say – it pretty much sucks – so don’t try it okay. Gigi told me today she prefers whole wings and drumsticks (!!), but even though my adult teeth are largely through I think I’ll stick with the necks for now, much easier to chew!

So here for your viewing pleasure I present a sort of homage to chooks. As usual these poultry pics are pinched from mum and dad’s photo albums mostly from somewhere they call “overseas”… (wherever that is I’m sure I wouldn’t like it – Gigi’s parents are going there and it seems to involve Vizsla-free travel! Just quietly I have my paws crossed that mum and dad aren’t contemplating going back there anytime soon…).

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Backyard Viz

Posted in Food, Homelife on June 21, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Though I’d give you an update on some of the goings on in my part of the world. Specifically the place I spend most of my time…the backyard. I might have explained earlier that being a truly urban hound means I actually don’t have a backyard as such, instead I have a courtyard. Now don’t feel sorry for me ’cause I really love my courtyard – it has everything I need including three beds so I can follow the sun and shade around all day depending on my mood and, of course, the weather.  Also I get heaps of exercise ’cause they drag me out of bed in the morning to go walking (groan…)  then subject me to yet another walk or games in the afternoon.

Even though it’s a small space, thanks to mum and dad’s obsession with cooking, it also has lots of interesting foods and smelly plants in it. In fact I love these so much (the eggplant and fig leaves are DELICIOUS!), that I eat them all day…but I have to rotate “pruning” the plants or mum notices. I’ve tried to evade detection by pointing at the possums that live in the shed next door and come out at night to hoover the parsley, but she’s blaming me for that too!

Anyway recently mum and dad did some excavations of their own. The cucumbers got pulled out and the broad-beans seeds went in. Here’s some stuff from the garden they got to before me.

Behind me on the left in the pic below is the special fence they had to build after I arrived to keep the “possums” out of the garden…

Yesterday I had an interesting day ’cause mum was cleaning and cooking. I LOVE it when she does this ’cause it means chasing the broom as well as barking at the vacuum and sampling all kinds of crazy food (my favourite place after the backyard is the kitchen – you can see why below – are they the biggest bones you have EVER SEEN or what!!??).

Anyway, after cleaning up, we bottled the green olives that have been in brine under the house since before I arrived and made preserved lemons. This was cool ’cause I got to eat my first olive and it was super YUMMY!! In fact once I started I couldn’t stop. She shouldn’t have been surprised considering I’ve already chowed down on pickled cauliflower, fresh chillis (straight from the garden – oops!), cumquats (uuuurrrggghhh!), banana, tomato, mandarin and raw carrots! It’s a pity but the olives didn’t come from our olive tree which dad swears at ’cause it never fruits. Apparently they came from the fruit shop. I reckon this is sort of cheating but I promised not to tell.

Here’s the olives in the backyard…

Even though I’m happy to try anything once I really am a fussy eater. Mum says I’m “not food motivated” which is dog owner language to explain why I’m sometimes embarassingly disobedient – heh heh!! I mean do you blame me for ignoring the kibble and holding out for the pan sautéed mullet with zucchini in soy sauce that dad made me the other night. Unfortunately most days it’s kibble, chicken necks (to brush my teeth – as if – more like ’cause they are bloody delicious!), and a brisket bone right before they leave for work. They think the bone distracts me…well have I got news for you guys…IT’S A BIG FAT SIGNAL EVERYDAY THAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOCK ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Hrrrmp!   And to add insult to injury then I’m stuck all day with THOSE  BIRDS…!

Anyway I’m going to change the subject before I get morose – after we bottled the olives I finally got some me time – I dragged her down to the off-leash park. Everyone there reckons I’ve grown HEAPS! I asked mum to take these pics so you can see for yourself…not bad for a courtyard pup ‘eh!

I reckon it’s all those olives!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Parlez-vous canine?

Posted in Ducks!, Food, Travel on June 17, 2010 by beatricebella

Sacré Bleu!

Okay okay I know the French don’t really use that phrase but holy dawdling ducklings…how lucky are those French hounds!!? Not only are they allowed EVERYWHERE (and I mean in cafes, restaurants, cinemas and department stores) but they also have driving privileges!  Check out these photos my parents took in a place called La Chaise-Dieu in the Auvergne. Typical French driver – looks like he ran into a bit of traffic ‘eh!

Anyway there are apparently more pet pooches per head of population in France than anywhere else in the world! With the type of luxury demonstrated below in the French city of Auch I’m not surprised any self respecting European hound would make a pee line for Provence!

And the city of Auch brings me once again to my favourite subject – the humble duck. And what, my friend, is nearly the only thing better than a duck?  Yes that’s right my loyal followers…A FRENCH DUCK!

And what is the only thing better than A FRENCH DUCK…? Of course that would be….A DEAD FRENCH DUCK..!

Just kidding, just kidding! As you know by now I’m something of a duck connoisseur voyeur – meaning I just like to watch and point feebly as they paddle away (that would be as opposed to stalking, and taking gratuitous pleasure as I use my powerful hind legs to launch off the creek bank and land with a single magnificent leap in the middle of the flock scaring the living…er ahem…sorry, sorry, forgot myself there momentarily…).

Anyway apparently there is some kind of national obession in old Fron-say with these little quackers lovely little waterfowl as evidenced below…tre fantastique!

What I don’t understand is…for a country that has such good taste in some respects…what could possibly explain the urge to eat THIS….!?

I will get in such big trouble for that comment if mum and dad read this, they love all types of French food INCLUDING (cough up a fur-ball people…!) SNAILS!!!!) (I bet they only call them ESCARGO so you arn’t reminded you’re actually eating a big sticky slimey snail…and guess what people…check it out –  they have eyes for God-sakes!!

While the thought of tucking into a big bowl of escargo doesn’t melt my muzzle the idea of raiding les saucisses does…I’m no vegan Vizsla that’s for sure (though I’d have to think about it awhile before I hoed into these donkey sangers…I mean they’re related to horses arn’t they? – whoa – back off Julia Childs, some of my best friends are horses lady!)

What I’d MUCH prefer is to go  snuffle a truffle… just a sniff mind you (and maybe a bit shaved over my poached eggs in the morning?).

Well it’s getting late so I’d better draw Part 1 of my French odyssey to a close and get these pics back into mum’s  photo album before she notices they’re missing (gnawed and slightly slobbery – especially the duck ones…).

I’ll leave you with two last ones. Wish they had brought me back this book from that market in NYC…

Would have helped me with my parlez-vous Anglais to this uppity Parisian ice maiden they brought back from their last trip – no matter how much I bark at her she stares straight ahead and completely ignores me. Haughty cow. The arrogance of the French ‘eh. Merde!

Oh well this is me signing off for today and striking my best French pose…Au Revoir peasants!


(a) No ducks or snails were harmed in the writing of this blog.

(b) Okay, there might have been some slobber, but I don’t think that counts as actual harm.

(c) And I know already that it’s supposed to be Leda and the Swan but I wanted an extra silly duck picture…so now you got Leda and the Duck kiddos!

(d) I summarily apologise to the French. They are wonderful, have always been so and everything about France is tre fantastique!

(e) They very nearly called me Cassoulet instead of Bella – close call ‘eh!

(f) That dog wasn’t really driving officer…honest.

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


Posted in Food, Homelife on June 3, 2010 by beatricebella

Shhhhh!!!! Quiet!!!!  I’m not supposed to be here… They sent me to bed early ’cause I caused a scene at puppy class tonight (I wanted to play with that hip little Italian greyhound but got stuck with the bogan chocolate labrador again).

Anyway  – told you I love bagels – what they don’t know won’t hurt them I say – so let’s just keep this our little secret ‘eh!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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