Bella’s friends

Ally (Beagle, 2 years)

Hound with attitude  (one of my besties)!


Dougal (aka Sir Bark-a-lot), (Vizsla – born 13 August 2010)

A rogue and a scoundrel (& my half brother)!


Gigi (Vizsla, 5 years)

Sweet loving gal (we’re only distantly related but she feels like my big sis!)


Gizmo (Red Kelpie, 8 years)

Casanova on four legs! (& shhhh!!!! …my sometimes b/friend!)


Sophie (Vizsla, 22 January 2010 – 24 January 2011)

(My beautiful loving sister, still with me everywhere, every day)


Victor (Irish/red setter, too old to say)

Just a big red softie (& my dog park buddy)!

Victor & Virginia (Vizslas, 6 months)

Need we say more!? (Dougal’s brother & sister). It’s clearly genetic!

(Big thanks to Trish & Damen for use of this gorgeous pic!)

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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