Team BelDou raise $510.00 for the RSPCA!!

Hi all! This is a quick news flash to let all those wonderful people who sponsored us know – our mission has been successfully completed! We joined thousands of other pups today in beautiful warm weather to complete our Million Paws walk. As you can see there was a huge crowd…

There were pups of every breed on show, some were even dressed up! We took this pic especially for Team BelDou sponsors Stephy, Kelli & Henry , and Roxy & Chai…SNAG DOG!!

Dougal’s favourites were the Great Danes, one barked in his face and he nearly jumped 10 feet in the air!

We only saw four other vizslas, all youngsters like us (sorry Gigi no pics – but thanks  so much for sponsoring us!) Also sorry Assi, Seymour, Suki and Pansey – there were no kitties allowed. This was so sad as we lub kitties so much!! (what great sports you cool cats are to sponsor a couple of pooches anyway – thank you!). (We did see a piglet on a lead visiting the shops on the way home…WHAT THA!!??)

Here we are above about 10 minutes into our walk – the doggies stretched for miles! Of course Dougal had a fit of nerves and decided he needed the…..*ahem*,  “facilities”, about 30 seconds from the start…how embarrassing!!!

Here we are at the finish line! We had a great time and raised $510.00 to help animals in need! YAY!! Thank you so much to the generous sponsors of Team BelDou – you have really made a difference! We dedicated our walk to my beautiful loving sister Sophie – Soph we were thinking of you!

You can see messages from the fantastic people who sponsored us here.

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.

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