Guru Bella (Uri Geller!)

Hi everyone – hope you all had the most wonderful Easter! About 2 months ago we mentioned mum and dad were off to Japan for Easter. We weren’t supposed to know about the trip but found out via Gigi who gave us a quiet tails up that secret plans were afoot for us to stay with her while mum and dad were away. Long story short D and I spent every day since we heard about their elaborate ruse concentrating really hard on subliminally willing them not to go on holiday without us. Here’s a pic of me in action applying my amazing zen powers of vizsla concentration…my mantra – “you will cancel the Japan trip and take us to the beach, you will cancel the Japan trip and take us to the beach“…

Well what can I say people…all of my transcendental focus paid off!!  …behold last week…Japan trip cancelled and HELLO Easter beach holiday! I give you the glory that can only be Hastings Point people…enjoy!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011. 


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  1. Such great shots- somebody is pretty handy with a camera! They look like they had a blast, waaay more fun than Japan 🙂

  2. What fabulous pictures! Such shiny, beautiful, happy pups!

  3. lovely creatures!
    good that i found out about it on 😛
    golden greetings from denmark

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