Weekend: Disappointed…but still duck-tacular!

Hi all. Well unfortunately we are still apartment dwelling dogs. Mum and dad came home after the auction thingy yesterday to break the sad news that they didn’t buy us a backyard after-all (Mum said it was a tiny bit too ‘spensive – and someone else beat them, *sigh* , knew we shouldn’t have let mum bid! ). Anyway to cheer us up  this afternoon they took us to Kedron Brook, our favoutite off-leash duck observatory, opps – I mean park!  As you can see if you look carefully at the  second pic – there were more ducks than you could point a paw at people – now that’s my kinda backyard!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


One Response to “Weekend: Disappointed…but still duck-tacular!”

  1. Bella (& Dougie),

    Well, it’s too bad Mom was such a cheapskate, and you two didn’t get that new yard to dig up. But, I wouldn’t complain…it sure looks like you guys’ get to go on alot of field trips! Plus, if you complain too much, you won’t get any cupcakes & foam. -Gotta’ say…you look pretty happy standing in that puddle.

    The third pic (down from top) is a typical eyebrow look…”Okay, what now?” My little one “Ginger” used to give me that look all the time…you guys’ are somethin’ else!

    Happy Trails,

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