Australia’s most wanted…reward for capture – Dougal “Babyface” Butterwouldn’tmelt…

…for crimes against antique furniture, new shoes, small helpless geckos and now some of mum and dad’s very favourite hardcover cook books…

Oh well Dougie – at least ya got good taste!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


5 Responses to “Australia’s most wanted…reward for capture – Dougal “Babyface” Butterwouldn’tmelt…”

  1. Schooner Says:

    My brother and I are Vizsla’s. My name is Schooner and I am 17 months old and my brother is Skipper he is 11 months old. Dougle please don’t feel bad my brother Skipper is always chewing on things of my mom’s. Like a leather chaise and couch. Now we are locked up when they go out for the day or evening. So, tell Dougle he is not alone.

    • Hi Schooner – great to hear from you! I’m secretly quite happy Dougal is a chewer ’cause it just makes me (a non-chewer!) look positively angelic! I bet you feel the same about that naughty Skipper. Like Skipper, Dougal has a preference for chewing whilst lounging – he gnawed the arm of the lounge, chewed mum’s art deco hall stand and even took a bite out of a century old chest of draws! Mum and dad can never stay mad at him for long though!
      Thanks for checking out my blog.
      Bella x

  2. Dougie,
    I’ll bet they’re as mean as my parents when it comes to cooking those wonderful recipes. They just do it for themselves and we only get those yummy things like cup cakes on our birthday. I am so glad you’ve taken a stand and that they have got the message. NO FINE COOKING FROM COOKBOOKS UNLESS WE SHARE IT IN THE RATIO OF 2:1 IN OUR FAVOUR.
    Love as always,

  3. Hi Gig
    Viva la revolution I say! Where’s our saffron scallops on a bed of warm risotto!?
    We miss you. 😦
    Love & licks
    Bel Bel x

  4. Hey Bella,
    With that sweet little face of Dougie’s, I’ll bet he gets away with murder.
    Possibly he’s just exploring his career options? Just when it looked as though he had a real future in Shoe Re-Design, he has ventured into the Woodworking & Furniture Refinishing trade. Or, is it that he simply might want to be a Librarian? Who knows? -At least he’s reading & not watching tv all the time.

    ps.-Bella, I still love your Avatar (you smilling little sweetie-pie)

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