Hi people! Well there’s a lot to be said for a quick, slightly naughty visit to a park, especially when technically you’re not supposed to be there! When I say park, in this case I mean sports field  – a human park (as opposed to a dog park!). Anyway you can tell from the gleeful looks on our faces in the pics below that we were up to something seriously naughty – we were loose on the field where dad plays football!

Ohhh that was good turf people, that was seriously good turf…!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.



2 Responses to “Parklife”

  1. Bella,
    Looks like you & Dougal had a great time running around, being monkeys on that field. I used to take my 1st Vizsla daughter “Brandy” on a local golf course near my house after work (around 4:00-5:00pm, when hardly anyone was out)…boy, did she love chasing after thrown golfballs! I told her not to worry…she did less harm to the turf than those mean ol’ golfers!

    -Nothing like the feel of freshly mowed park lawn for little Vizslas to run on…it’s the best!!!

    • Hi Thom
      Thanks for your great comments – it’s woof-tacular to know I have a fan on the other side of the world who understands a vizsla’s simple needs – illegally cavorting on sundry green-space, shoe re-design and occasional excavation!
      Best wishes and waggles to you!
      Bella x

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