That Gizmo look…

Hello people. Boy am I in trouble – yesterday I launched a new gallery featuring pics of my sweet bro Dougal, today I was on the end of some serious barking from a very unhappy Gizmo – “where’s my gallery?”.

“Ah hello Gizmo – but last time I checked you weren’t…ahem (I don’t quite know how to put this…) …a VIZSLA!?”

For those of you who’ve been following this blog for awhile you’ll know the mighty Giz is an 8 year old red kelpie (and my sometimes boyfriend) who lives with my grand-humans. As you can see from the mess below Giz is not to be trifled with. Witness Exhibit A – that used to be a very nice pot plant until last time my grand-humans went out for dinner and left the mighty red one alone for the evening! Suffice to say tonight I present to you my good people…the Gizmo gallery! Enjoy it before it’s shredded!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


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