Meet me & Dougal!

Hi all!

If you own a vizsla (or just love them!) and live in South East Queensland you can attend a vizsla picnic at 10am at The Spit on the Gold Coast on 3 April 2011. The event has been organised by the mum and dad of one of my puppy school friends. For more info check out Hungarian Vizsla Gold Coast on Facebook. We’ll be there!

Bella x


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  1. Hey Bella,

    Hope you have a great picnic with all of your family & friends! Possibly there’ll be a Cupcake Buffet. I imagine Dougal will be off restriction (i’m sure he already is), so he’ll get to go. Maybe he’ll setup a Shoe Repair vendor booth for those who would like to see his fabulous work!

    I’m sorry we can’t make it, as we live a few thousand miles away here in California. If we lived anywhere even close, we would surely be there to meet you!

    You all have a great time,

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