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Hi all. Crazy crazy times around the world…our hearts go out to all those affected by the terrible disasters in Japan. Mum and dad are going there in a few weeks (we’re not supposed to know yet – we’re going to stay with Gigi and Uncle Ian! YAY!). We haven’t let on we know yet ’cause mum and dad think we’ll be sad when they’re gone…but you know what people…? Uncle Ian has a pool! Yep read it and weep mum and dad…a pool AND a huge back yard! And Gigi! Double YAY people!

Well finally it’s Saturday and we’re having a great day already – it’s the weekend which means mum and dad are home, but not only that – we went for a walk to Brewbakers this morning for breakfast where we got heaps of pats as usual. Later I think we’re even going to one of our favourite parks – Kedron Brook – that’s when mum & dad pick up the fruit & veggies for the week (the Brook is on the way). We also have a hot date with the Ascot butcher who’s been cutting up lots of bee-utiful delicious brisket bones especially for us…nom nom nom! And we’re going to Pet City at Mt Gravatt ’cause Dougal has grown out of his walking harness…treats ahoy!

Sorry all no piccies of us today…instead I raided mum and dad’s OS pics and found some that cheer me up enormously after all the tragic events of late…mum took these in Spain near Seville, they make my smile (with my whole waggling body people!). Enjoy!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2011.


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