Rainy daze no longer = fun

Hi all. Sorry for the very long delay in posting – it’s been a crazy few days and pinning mum down to help me upload a post has been a bit tricky.  Well as you may have heard our city (Brisbane – population: 2 million) is currently experiencing an enormous crisis – tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 4am we are expecting the river here to peak in what is likely to be the biggest flood here for over 100 years. Over 30,000 homes are expected to be flooded and many lives have already been lost all over the State of Queensland. This follows nearly a month of constant rain over a very wide area of the east coast of Australia. You can read about the emerging crisis here (The Australian), here (BBC) and here (New York Times). The Australian newspaper has today described the situation thus: “The Queensland capital is now the scene of a natural disaster unprecedented in contemporary Australia.”

Anyway yesterday mum and dad had to leave work  at lunchtime, do a quick shop for emergency provisions (including extra treats for us) and head home as the river was starting to break it’s banks in the CBD. Luckily we live up on one of hills with no chance of being flooded but an area of the next suburb (Albion) is already badly affected. Currently we are very lucky to be one of the few areas still with electricity – many areas of the city have lost power and landline phones.

Here’s some pics we took on our walk today as the water was starting to creep into the neighbouring suburb – the water will be much higher in these locations in just a few hours…

Here’s some pics below looking across the Brisbane River to the CBD.

And below looking to the city across the river from Hamilton in the north…

As you can see it was all too much for me and after awhile I couldn’t bear to look.
Worst of all was the eerie feeling all day – so quiet with hardly any traffic (as most of the roads were closed and the CBD evacuated) and rescue helicopters buzzing overhead…
Anyway D and I are off to bed now. We need to be rested and refreshed in case we need to help out our fellow Brisbanites when the big flood hits tomorrow… if you are a Brisbane reader and you’re affected – our hearts go out to you and we send you our best wishes for a safe return to your home.
You can donate to the Premier of Queensland’s flood appeal here.
© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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  1. Wow- that’s some crazy flooding! hope you guys are in the safe zone.

  2. Merryn and Ryan Says:

    Hi guys

    we are really glad to know you are ok. love to J, G, Bella & Dougal.

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