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Slack and blue…

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Hi all. Well it’s Sunday night and I haven’t posted in ages…which makes me slack and blue people.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to post this week…paws crossed everyone…!

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Flood update…

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Hi all. Well it seems our city has had something of a lucky escape with peak flood levels about a metre lower than anticipated. Despite this, many thousands of people still had/have their houses severely inundated and over coming days face the awful task of cleaning the thick silty mud from their homes. Our hearts go out to them. There are also 55 people still missing and 60,000 homes without power. Thankfully, we’ve been safe from harms way and yesterday ventured out for a walk along the receding river near our house. Above we’re checking out the swollen river.

Looking at the debris was very distressing, water tanks, plastic containers full of breakfast cereal, footballs, baby toys, books, refrigerators, lounge cushions and even a dining table all floating down the river. Heartbreakingly sad…

With many of the major roads closed there was still an eerie silence, made even more unnerving when coming upon a scene like the one below – this is the Inner City Bypass (ICB), one of the major freeways through the city. What you can see below is the tunnel at the start of the ICB completely full to the top with water.

Below are some of the surrounding streets…

In the shot below the sign on the right advertising a new development notes the “River City Views”…

This staffy was high and dry on a pile of sandbags guarding his owner’s business…

These people were moving their possessions by canoe…

This is the iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel which suffered water damage – in the foreground is the flooded freeway tunnel. In the shot underneath you can clearly see the high water mark on the hotel’s signage and front doors and wall.

And here we are looking at the floodwater with disbelief in nearby Newstead.

You may have heard that shortly after the flood peak 300 metres of Brisbane’s iconic Newfarm floating concrete walkway (weighing 181 tonnes!) broke free and catapulted down the river towards the bay creating a major emergency. You can read the amazing story here. We were incredibly sad as mum and dad take us for walks there all the time. The AUD$17 million structure is unlikely to be rebuilt. This is me and Gigi on the floating walkway in September last year. So sad.

Over the next few days everyone’s focus will be on the clean-up of people’s homes and businesses which will last for weeks.

If you live in Queensland you can volunteer to assist by registering with Volunteering Queensland here (mum and dad are doing this).

And don’t forget you can also donate to the Premier of Queensland’s flood relief appeal here.
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Rainy daze no longer = fun

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Hi all. Sorry for the very long delay in posting – it’s been a crazy few days and pinning mum down to help me upload a post has been a bit tricky.  Well as you may have heard our city (Brisbane – population: 2 million) is currently experiencing an enormous crisis – tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 4am we are expecting the river here to peak in what is likely to be the biggest flood here for over 100 years. Over 30,000 homes are expected to be flooded and many lives have already been lost all over the State of Queensland. This follows nearly a month of constant rain over a very wide area of the east coast of Australia. You can read about the emerging crisis here (The Australian), here (BBC) and here (New York Times). The Australian newspaper has today described the situation thus: “The Queensland capital is now the scene of a natural disaster unprecedented in contemporary Australia.”

Anyway yesterday mum and dad had to leave work  at lunchtime, do a quick shop for emergency provisions (including extra treats for us) and head home as the river was starting to break it’s banks in the CBD. Luckily we live up on one of hills with no chance of being flooded but an area of the next suburb (Albion) is already badly affected. Currently we are very lucky to be one of the few areas still with electricity – many areas of the city have lost power and landline phones.

Here’s some pics we took on our walk today as the water was starting to creep into the neighbouring suburb – the water will be much higher in these locations in just a few hours…

Here’s some pics below looking across the Brisbane River to the CBD.

And below looking to the city across the river from Hamilton in the north…

As you can see it was all too much for me and after awhile I couldn’t bear to look.
Worst of all was the eerie feeling all day – so quiet with hardly any traffic (as most of the roads were closed and the CBD evacuated) and rescue helicopters buzzing overhead…
Anyway D and I are off to bed now. We need to be rested and refreshed in case we need to help out our fellow Brisbanites when the big flood hits tomorrow… if you are a Brisbane reader and you’re affected – our hearts go out to you and we send you our best wishes for a safe return to your home.
You can donate to the Premier of Queensland’s flood appeal here.
© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.
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