Introducing Victor…

Hi all. Hope you’re enjoying some relaxing time before the New Year begins! Speaking of relaxing we’ve been hanging out at one of our favourite spots – the local dog park! We have heaps of friends there now including the mighty Victor! Anyway here’s some pics of me, D, Gigi and Victor spending some quality time together a few weeks ago. Enjoy people and happy Wednesday!

BTW – exciting news people – to celebrate the nearly here New Year mum has decided to turn the comments on in the blog! Yay! Until now we’ve had this turned off ’cause mum is a big silly. Anyway people – happy days – leave me a comment and say “hi”!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

8 Responses to “Introducing Victor…”

  1. I love reading about your stories and seeing all the pictures. It makes me smile and laugh. I loved reading about your holiday at grandparents.

  2. Yah for comments! Finally!!

    Victor is gorgeous, is he an Irish Setter?

    • it’s mum’s fault re: comments, she’s a slacker! Luckily with both me and D on her case it did the trick!

      Re: Victor – yup – he’s a great big woof-tacular Irish Setter!

  3. Many thanks for your great sense of humor, Bella. Look forward to staying with you again,

    • Hi G!! Great to hear from you – yep I’ve been stocking up on soft toys for your sleep over – yippee! But ssshhhh – don’t tell our parents! Talk soon!
      B x

  4. Yea for turnning on comments! I’ve come here several times to leave a comment & been sad 😦

    Love all the vizsla pics….they are too cute!

    • Hi Amanda!
      Thanks so much – I’m super excited too. Mum and I are huge fans of your blog – we check it every day to hear about your adventures – mum even said she might start running again – YAY!!! Anyway stay in touch and please send my love to Mia and Zoe, they are gorgeous gals!
      Bella x

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