Hi all! Hope you’ve had a fab weekend and enjoyed our very first Christmas pics. I’m still trying to work out what this Christmasy thingamajig is and reckon I’ve got it pretty much sorted. Basically all humans go crazy and start doing weird stuff like bringing fake trees inside and putting funny little hanging things on top. It’s v strange if you ask me but I’m not complaining ’cause the food we’ve been having in the last week has been YUMMY! You won’t believe it but big fat fresh cherries are my favourite and dad’s been buying up big! Also mum & dad have been in a good mood, mainly after they drink that sparkly stuff from the bottle that goes “pop”. Dougal hates the noise (well any noise really!) and runs and hides when he hears it. What a sooky baby!

Anyway we’ve been trying to work out whether it’s safe to try and find out what’s inside the fake tree – but D says he’s scared mum will let out the evil vaccuum clearer monster if we make a mess. Last week D stole a toilet paper roll from the bathroom and shredded it all over the house when mum and dad were out. This made the vaccuum cleaner monster so mad it bellowed and chased us for half an hour afterwards. Luckily most times mum keeps it locked up where it belongs….in its dark scary cupboard lair. Nasty!

Anyway thought tonight I would share some of my favourite pics of the last few weeks – D is now 16 weeks old and about 12.5kgs and reckons he’s the man of the house – here he is at the front-door doing his best impression of a big scary guard-dog. As you can see he is very serious about protecting his pack – and while you and I can see he’s still a mere pipsqueak with attitude – you don’t wanna mess with this hound people – we don’t call him Sir Bark-a-lot for nothing!!! Nighty night all, 6 sleeps till D can bark all night at the fat man in red!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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