School daze…

Hi all. Hope you’re having a woof-tacular week!  Well you might remember that some time ago I graduated from puppy school with flying colurs. Since Dougal arrived over a month ago now, mum, dad and D have been mysteriously heading off a few times a week in the car leaving me at home by myself.  Just this week I found out why…D’s been going to puppy school too!

Once I found out about this I begged them to go along and apparently Ziggy my trainer couldn’t resist ( I WAS dux of my class people!) so I was bundled into the car as well. YAY!!!!

Boy was I in for a rude shock people!  Soon after we arrived at the park where the lessons are held poor D had some awful contraption called a “halti” fitted over his muzzle. Apparently this was supposed to teach him to walk properly on a lead. Anyway  he didn’t look too happy about it as you can see below…even with heaps of delicious liver treat bribes…

After some very convincing protests (that involved D getting some serious air) mum and dad decided to ditch the evil halti in favour of my much hated red harness…poor D!!!!

It was so bad dad had to administer some much needed moral support… and yet more liver treats…(aww thanks dad – now send some my way!).

Well you know what? I shouldn’t have been concerned about D. Little did I know the invitation to attend school as a mature age  “spectator” was an elaborate ploy – I was sold a pup people, yup dudded – before I knew it I was wearing one of these “halti” contraptions too!!!

Luckily there were so many exciting things going and the surroundings were so beautiful D & I quickly forgot how much we hated the evil walking devices…after all there were sticks to be had (well there was one stick – which meant we had to share, major bummer!).

Before long the class was over. While I had a great time playing with D – and it was better than staying home by myself…

I couldn’t get out of the halti and back in that car fast enough people…!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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