Show off!

Hi all! Well no more suspense people…

Meet the one, the only, “Hubertus Satisfaction”…aka…

DOUGAL!!!! And his big secret is…(drumroll please people…)

…he’s gonna be a show dawg!!!

That’s right people – these pics are from D’s first show on the weekend. He’s the one on the right above and boy am I a proud big sis!!! The other pup with him here is D’s super cute brother Victor and the people are Victor’s adopted mum and dad, the ever fantastic TJ & DW.

Now above D is about to expertly demonstrate the “slack” pose (ha ha!! okay okay, sorry D – I really meant the “stack” pose… ) that mum and dad have been trying to teach him for WEEKS! He managed to hold it even when that judge (below) poked and prodded him in what can only be described as SOME VERY PRIVATE AREAS PEOPLE!

Now jokes aside, D did manage to stack magnificently but there was one small problem…mum and dad hadn’t taught him to run on a show lead and in front of an audience – he got stage fright and froze up like a little pupsickle!! ! Uh oh!!!!! Anyway long story short Victor carried away glory on the day (D reckons he let him win deliberately so his feelings weren’t hurt). Anyway after D was eliminated he got to watch Victor and his gorgeous sister Ginny in the ring…this is them below (Ginny is on the right).

Yet again Victor was victorious…then it was time for Frankie (below) to come out. Frankie is 3 years old and is one SUPER CUTE big boy people. Anyway of course he won. What a dreamboat…!(*sigh*)

After it was all done D, Victor and Ginny got to hang out together again in the crate until it was time to head home.

This is Dad looking proud and congratulating D on his first show. (Unfortunately I was at home for the duration)

And this is D in his favourite spot of all for the long drive home.

Oh well people hope you enjoyed D’s little surprise –  and don’t forget to stay tuned for future episodes of lil D showing off!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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