Saturday shenanigans…Part 1

Hi all. Hope your week has started splendidly! Well tonight I thought I might post on the typical weekend of an urban Viz whizz in beautiful downtown Brisbane. Since I installed the flags of the world last week (in the right hand column – check it out people!) I’ve had a much better idea where all my loving peeps are from – and I got a BIG surprise people – I have lots of fans in the USA!! Hi guys – loving licks and big waggles from me!!!… ANYWAY this got me thinking – maybe I should sort of outline a typical weekend day in the life for an urban K9 down-under!

So without further ado, I present for your viewing pleasure…last Saturday according to Beatrice “Bean” Bella and the dynamic Dougal(berry)…aka Sir Bark-alot!

6.00am – Mum it’s the weekend – can’t we sleep in a little bit longer…!? (Dougal – that’s it – get off me and I mean NOW!)

6.05am – Hmmmm…that’s better…space sweet space…..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

6.06am – MUM!!!!!!! Put that camera away – can’t you see he’s trying to SLEEP!

7.30am – Hey hey hey!!! Did I hear “walk”? Did somebody say “bakery”!?

8.02am – Whoo hoo!!! Brewbakers here we come!!! LOCK UP THE BAGELS PEOPLE!!!!

8.13am – Quick mum – get in line, we’ll wait with dad.  BTW I’d like my pup-a-chino extra hot please – and don’t forget the bagels!!

8.16am – I love it here dad – I get SOOOOOO many compliments and pats!!! (*waggle*)

8.18am – Awwww mum – are you STILL in line? (And can you get me some of those delicious baked bone shaped Brewbakers doggie cookies!?).

8.25am – Hey, wait a minute, where’s ours!? Whad’ya mean I don’t like smoked salmon!??

8.32am – Oh boy, oh boy – how much do you love it here Douges?  Food, pats, adoration, mum and dad home from work…SATURDAYS MAKE ME SMILE!!!!!!!!

9.05am – (whispering) Hey Douges – they’re buying cupcakes at CAKESTAR – this can only mean one thing – we’re going visiting!!

10.35am – Yep – definitely a good sign, in the car – must be going visiting! Wonder if it’s Gigi, Siegfried or Sophie?

11.05am – It’s Sophie’s place!!!!! Oh boy how much do I love it here!! Hey check out the creek D!!! Prepare for your first swim!! – and to meet your half-sister!

11.06am – Sophie, Sophie – it’s JUST a cupcake – come and meet your half brother!!!

11.11am – Okay, now all the cupcakes are gone we might be able to entice Sophie out to play…now follow me and….

11.12am – Holy tropic thunder!!!! What did they put in those cupcakes….!?

11.22am – Hmmm…we haven’t been allowed down here before –  I wonder if it’s safe…? Dougal – keep your distance – this is a serious reconnaissance activity…

11.46am – Best to stay on the lawn for the time being – at least Sophie’s sugar hit has finally worn off…

12.05pm (whispers to Sophie…) …yeah I’m a bit worried about D – he doesn’t seem to like the water…

12.06pm – Unlike us… (you had to go and eat the icing didn’t you Soph!).

12.12pm – Ahhh the solitude – silence is golden…the ducks, the frogs, the lizards…

12.13pm – LET US AT ‘EM!!!!!

12.24pm – Sorry Douges – I didn’t mean to neglect you…it’s just that…

12.25pm – ….running with Sophie is just about the best thing in the ENTIRE world (well except for long grass that scratches your belly…)

12.46pm – And then there’s the sisterly play-fighting –  only improved by the addition of water people…

12.48pm – What’s that D? Your not scared are you…? Hey D…come back….!!! We’re just playing!!!

1.06pm – Okay have it your own way – but you’re missing all the fun you big sooky baby… Hey Soph – is this THE biggest stick you’ve ever seen?

1.07pm – Okay okay, I know, you’re just a pup and you’ve had a long tiring day…  See ya Soph – time I took the lil’ bro home for a rest…

1.40pm – Awwww…home sweet home…how much do I love having you for a little brother D…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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