Dougal steps out…

Hi all. Well I have been slowly adjusting to life with a baby brother. It turns out mum and dad had a secret plan to get him for ages as they were worried about me spending so much time at home by myself when they were at work. In hindsight I feel kinda mean ’cause boy did I perfect my “I’m so sad I could just pine away” look which I gave them everyday for a split second when they came home from work – then I couldn’t resist the the happy old V greeting of leaping around like crazy all over them and presenting them with random toys. Anyway they must have been worried.

So what can I tell you about Dougal? He’s now nearly 12 weeks old and he weighs between 7 – 8 kgs. He’s gonna be big cause his feet are huge I’m telling you, and like me he’s a bit of a fussy eater but will pretty much try everything once. He also looks a little bit like me and that’s ’cause we have the same real dad (he lives in Melbourne)! I overheard mum and dad telling someone that they really liked my temperament (wha tha?) and that’s why they wanted Dougal. Hmmm- temperament – don’t know what it means but I think that must be good.

So are we similar? Personality wise Douges is really smart (okay I may be biased!), he learnt to sit, drop and come when called super quick, much faster than me – but he also seriously lacks judgement – unlike me he has CHEWED up all of mum and dad’s really good stuff already – shoes, furniture, books (not the books!! mum gets REALLY mad about the books!!), I keep telling him not to – but he reckons what they don’t know won’t hurt them!! Hmmm…looks pretty obvious to me buddy boy – your factor 10 cute-ness will only save you for so long!! Anyway here’s some pics of Dougal’s first visit to the park…

As D (above)  is still having his vaccinations he isn’t allowed to the dog park yet which means I’m temporarily banned as well until he can go…as you can see from the two pics below I’m not too bothered. See how happy I am now I have a brother!

Below – D was loving the afternoon sun – ahh warm fur, a cool breeze, freshly mown grass under your paws = B L I S S!

Above – Have you ever seen a more handsome pair of hounds!? (Mum wrote that – awww schucks mum – we love you too!)

Above – presenting his lordship Baron Dougal Von Dougalby – oh did I mention yet that D’s A BIT of a poser!?  (Unlike me of course people!!!) Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

(And a big hello to mum’s real sister who is in New York!!!) Have a wooftacular time S & P and say hi to all those  NYC hounds for me…HOT DIGGITY DAWGS!!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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