Hi all. Sorry I haven’t posted in ages – it’s been a crazy few weeks, the best and worst of times.  Firstly the worst ’cause my beautiful gal pal Ally was taken from her home a few weeks ago and hasn’t yet been found. I miss her so much. Secondly the BEST of times – ’cause after Gigi and Sophie went home, and I was feeling really sad about Ally, mum and dad decided to cheer me up with a HUGE surprise… (drum-roll people!)…yep you guessed it kids – a new baby!!!!  So here, for the very first time I can proudly introduce you to…my (wait-for-it people…) half-brother (*gasp*!), the indefatigueable, the magnificent, the courageous…DOUGAL!!! 

‘Cause we’ve been playing for AGES tonight I’m too tired to caption all the pics just now – but just for the record, as you can see, we’ve been getting on great…!!

Anyway must run people, I have family responsibilities now I’m officially a big sister…and it’s well past Dougal’s bed-time…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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