Bella, Gigi and Sophie – meet Siegfried…

Hi all. Well it’s certainly been a wet few days but boy have I had some fun! Due to a very happy coincidence there’s been one big enormous sleep-over party at my place all this week. It all started of course with Gigi who is staying with us ’cause her mum and dad went OS for 6 weeks – add to this my bestest friend ever,  my sweet sister Sophie, who came to stay last week ’cause her folks went down south for a week to a wedding…so that’s three gals – (yep it’s a pajama party people!) – now add just a few more ingredients – a super cute boy (that would be my new biggest crush – the super sleek Siegfried – his parents went to a wedding too) – non-stop torrential rain, and a tiny apartment – and what do you have !? Yep that’s right people – ABSOLUTE MAYHEM!!!

Anyway I think we all ended up having a crush on Siegfried (aka Sieg) – my very first GSP pal!! (oh der – that stands for German Short-haired Pointer people!). Anyway we all took turns at showing off to him in our own way – this is me above showing off my ball skills (Sieg LOVES balls so I was out to impress), Sophie in the two pics below – just concentrating on looking damn cute and, doing her best most alluring Hollywood gaze ever below that is clan matriarch – the magnificent Gigi.

Of course it wasn’t just Sieg we were out to impress – suddenly there was competition for mum and dad’s affections too! Check out cheeky Sophie and Gigi below cuddling up to dad – NOT HAPPY PEOPLE!!!

But really the main game (and I mean game people – we are hunting dogs after all!) was the mighty Siegfried!!! Check him out below and you’ll see why…

Yep Sieg was a keeper – tall, dark, handsome, mysterious (well he is cross-eyed… surely that passes for mysterious?!).  Anyway I was so excited I froze up…I was bark-less in his presence people!  Imagine it…all I could do was stare straight ahead and pray he couldn’t tell what I was thinking…

All the while Gigi was up to no good….older and wiser she’d taken over the bedroom and struck her best Odalisque pose – I didn’t stand a chance!


So people – it was frisbees at dawn – there was only one solution (and trust me, mum wasn’t happy about it!) – we’d have to fight each other for him, in the lounge-room of course (well we were hardly going to get our paws wet people – I mean it was a cyclone out there!), and to the death…

Unfortunately (*sigh*) age won out over beauty and Gigi out-maneuvered me. She cuddled up to Siegfried on the lounge and Sophie and I were left to wallow in mum’s disappointment (that would have related to the fact that during the melee someone (it was me, it was me!!!) frustratedly chewed a basket to pieces people, then systematically dropped, one piece at a time, the entire contents of the recycling bin down the back steps . Ummm errrr oppsy!!

Anyway sleep tight people and I hope you didn’t get too flooded!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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