Hi all. Hope your weekend has been as woof-tacular as mine!  We’ve done some great stuff, like visiting Sophie on Friday night (oopsy! A big sorry to Sophie’s mum R about that vase of flowers we demolished! …and a big thank you for the delicious apple pie!). And yesterday we went to see some new friends of mum and dad and they had a BEE-UTIFUL big backyard full of super interesting plants – I was brave and explored for hours all by myself. Unlike me, Gigi was feeling too lazy to explore and hung out on the back deck with the people – she said it was ’cause exploring was for babies…but I personally think it had something to do with that big plate of  almond croissants on the table!

Anyway this morning mum and dad took us to a new dog park to try out a funny thing they called an “agility course”. Seriously. I mean it was STRANGE people! I had no idea what to do but somehow G was a natural, she ran up and over these funny ramps, wove through an obstacle course, ran along a narrow beam (I tried it but fell off!), then leapt over about six jumps one at a time. It was super cool but she kinda looked like she should have a saddle on.  I mean I swear I’m gonna have to start calling her horsey!  Anyway people, long story short I was hopeless and G was a total super-star. Unfortunately mum was also hopeless and forgot to take the camera so we’ll have to do it again and save the pics for another day.

Speaking of pics, me & the G-ster had a great day out last weekend at Kedron Brook off-leash area. I love the Brook, so I thought I’d share the pics with you today starting with the one above where I’m anticipating having a tennis ball thrown to me – and channeling Stains the cupcake dog! Then there’s a pic of me having a paddle in the water lillies – I tell you people the Brook is the best. Only problem is we both had to have a bath when we got home ’cause the water there is, well… just a little bit muddy. Anyway I won’t provide any more commentary – I think you get the picture – we swam, fetched, wrestled, met other hounds, stared out the ducks and generally raised havoc!  Enjoy!

(NB – Gigi did not eat the duck that belonged to that feather – I SWEAR!) (Gigi -“that’s what you think pip-squeak!”).

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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