Hastings Point(ers)…

Hi all! Well I’ve been promising for ages to bring you some pics from the day Gigi and I had at the beach a few weeks ago. We went to Hasting Point (which I reckon makes us Hastings pointers!!) I know, I know – I have a bad sense of humour people!  Anyway as you can see it was a glorious day and the beach was empty – YIPPEE! That meant mum and dad allowed us to go off-leash. To get to the beach though we went on our long leads and ran through the grass that was up to my neck – it was super cool ’cause it tickled me all over as I ran along! Anyway ’cause it felt so good  I told mum to add scratchy  long grass to the list of my absolute  favourite things!

Anyway here’s me and G checking out the view and anticipating a swim in the surf – my long grass (and G’s big %$#!) is/are in the background (just kidding G – but you have put on a few since you’ve started sharing my cappuccino foam in the mornings!). I’m sure I’ve told you before but I’ve been having the BEST time since G arrived to stay – we are getting on SUPER DOOPER well, except when I try and be top dog and then G gets NAS-TEE!! We play fight most of the time when we’re not asleep – wrestling with G is the best – we love to chase each other around and everyone says G looks younger since we’ve been hanging around together.

Anyway here’s me on the beach with my Kong Wet Wubba – one of my most favourite toys ever. Unfortunately some people say the shape looks rude…which I find v. embarrassing. BALLS to them I say!

As you can see the water was crystal clear and AMAZING! As I go swimming all the time I had to help G get up the confidence to go into the waves and out where we couldn’t touch the bottom. Dad went in with us which helped. Mum just watched and took photos. What a piker!

Initially I was the only one who wanted to play with the Wubba – the only thing G is usually into is sticks – but somehow mum got her interested in my Wubba – that’s G below! Anyway we chased each other around with it for ages which was super fun!

After a while we got tired of the Wubba and just splashed about in the waves… Before long it was time to head home. I was exhausted but G still had enough energy to pose and generally leap about… I looked on in amazement!

On the way back we got to go through the long grass again to get to the car. Mum and dad brought us a bowl of cool fresh water and we had a huge drink and lay on the grass in the sun to dry off while lots of people came up to pat us. I can tell you I felt positively FAMOUS people! Anyway when we were dry mum and dad put us in our car harnesses (you have no idea how much I HATE THAT STINKIN’ HARNESS!!!). Anyway, DESPITE the harness, I snoozed all the way home warm, dry, tired and contented and snuggled up to G – it sure was a nice way to end a big afternoon!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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