Hi all. Wet and rainy in Brissie so not much to report expect Gigi and I have been pretty much housebound… Mum and dad had visitors yesterday which meant we were expected to behave. Ho hum, pretending I’m a very obedient, retiring hound luxuriating in my dog bed all day is tre boring. I’d much rather run amok like I did at the dog park yesterday when Gigi and I staged a pack pestering of the French bulldog owner. Mum and dad were v embarrassed but it WAS spectacular – Gigi barked right at him and as she barked I ran in and carried out a run-by licking. Didn’t know what hit ‘im!! Te he!!! People I can tell you Gigi and I were VERY pleased with ourselves…!

Anyway I was telling Gigi this afternoon about my recent trip with mum and dad to the bush. It was a few weeks ago before she arrived – I had a hankering for the great outdoors…so I pestered mum and dad to take me out. As I’m not allowed to chase real birds they even let me take my stuffed pheasant…anyway here’s the pics – no time for commentary tonight I’m afraid – off to mum to have my weekly ear cleaning and nail clipping! Moi – high maintenince – no way!! Woof!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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