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Dear Ian…

Posted in Homelife on September 25, 2010 by beatricebella

Dear Ian (this is Gigi’s dad)

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Gigi (pic below) is missing you but I’ve been taking really good care of her (see my angelic face above, I’ve practically got a halo!) and she really feels at home. She has been part of our family for four weeks and has really settled in. During the day while mum and dad are at work we sleep snuggled up together in G’s kennel – can you believe it! We are both also loving going to the dog park together each morning and again in the evening – and look forward to chasing each other around. I usually chase G and she tries to evade capture – she is super agile for an old gal (sorry G!).

Well mum has asked me to write to you to give you advance warning of something bad that happened while you’ve been away so you don’t get a shock when you arrive home in two weeks. G was too ashamed to tell you so mum has made me as part of my punishment. This week we went crazy playing and tore two giant holes in G’s canvas kennel (well actually, we ripped the gauze windows right out – see G inspecting the work below) and mum says it’s completely ruined (I prefer to think of it as renovating for summer!). Mum and dad were not happy when they came home and found us both looking v sheepish, and I got sent to bed early. I knew we were doing bad but…well it was just so damn fun that we got carried away and before we knew it…well, you know the rest. Anyway we’re very very sorry Ian.

Unfortunately our path of destruction over the last month hasn’t just been limited to the kennel – mum and dad have had to confiscate almost all my toys as we’ve been systematically  ripping them to shreds and dad said they’re not safe to play with anymore. Hmm…I figure it’s their fault for not buying me more robust toys. Anyway the casualties so far include:

My bumble bee – legs missing, wings gone – prosthetics could make him fly again!

My plush snail – face torn off, disemboweled – requires intensive care

My python – de-stuffed in places – okay I admit it – situation critical

My bunny – ears missing – I hear its the latest fashion

Kong bunny – ears missing – see I told you – all these bunnies are doing it!

Kong Monkey – leg amputated, body MIA – no comment (I think Gigi buried him behind the eggplant but don’t tell anyone!)

Parrot – foot amputated – you’ve seen sea-gulls – they’re missing feet all the time – no biggie.

Pink sheep – disemboweled and torn to shreds – mere flesh – wounds people!

Duck – no longer quacking – broken neck – looks delicious!

Anyway Ian don’t let this inventory of destruction ruin your holiday ’cause really we’ve been v good – calm and sedate – as demonstrated by this next photo:

(NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Wrong photo mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Mmmmmuuuuummmmmm!!!! Now how am I going to convince Ian that Gigi was innocent in all this!?)

Ah Ian, actually it wasn’t Gigi at all, really – I mean, it was full moon and, well, something must have come over me…

It could only be the work of… (drum-roll please people)…devil dawg – HOUND OF DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!

(Stay tuned for further installments of my letter to Ian, Gigi’s dad).

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Hello people – I’m famous!

Posted in Vizsla on September 21, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Well it was just a matter of time…a hound as sassy, gorgeous and adorable as myself should get her 15 minutes! No seriously people…I’m excited…you won’t believe it but my little blog just got featured on the wonderful and amazing All Dog Blog! You can check out their fab posting here and see for yourself or get to the site via my Blogroll! To celebrate mum let me have a tiny nibble on a cup-cake (but don’t tell dad…!) then I got to gnaw on a pigs trotter she brought back from her work trip for me. I tell you people – the privileges!!!! (Gigi was not allowed any as she’s on a diet ’till her parents get home – poor G!).

Anyway mum says the blog feature on All Dog Blog has generated lots of traffic. I don’t really like traffic, it scares me senseless – all those horrid cars – so I’m not sure why she’s so excited. BUT – if you’re a new reader, welcome to my humble blog and I hope you enjoy my super duper dog-tastic adventures. If you want to know more about me head on over to About, but before you do people, look into my “melt your heart eyes”. Now… are you looking? Okay, listen carefully…okay I want to to relax, imagine this -, you can see acres of lush green grass, (you are falling into a deep sleep…),  there are sticks to retrieve (you are falling into a deeper sleep…), ducks swimming idly on a meandering stream (you are falling into an even deeper sleep people…), dead things to roll in, bones in abundance (people you are now virtually snoring!!), now focus…are you focussed people?…relax…are you relaxed? Very good…listen carefully people…NOW SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG”!!!!!

Did it work!? Aww…c’mon people – give a hound a break…Okay okay no pressure…but I sure would like you to subscribe so I can keep mum interested so she’ll keep helping me to post each week.

Okay this is me signing off for now – I have a big half gnawed trotter sitting right here next to the keyboard with my name on it and I reckon my 15 minutes are probably just about up!!

Nighty night all. Sleep tight.

(“Gigi, Gigi – step away from that trotter…I mean NOW!!!”)

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


Posted in Outings on September 19, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Hope your weekend has been as woof-tacular as mine!  We’ve done some great stuff, like visiting Sophie on Friday night (oopsy! A big sorry to Sophie’s mum R about that vase of flowers we demolished! …and a big thank you for the delicious apple pie!). And yesterday we went to see some new friends of mum and dad and they had a BEE-UTIFUL big backyard full of super interesting plants – I was brave and explored for hours all by myself. Unlike me, Gigi was feeling too lazy to explore and hung out on the back deck with the people – she said it was ’cause exploring was for babies…but I personally think it had something to do with that big plate of  almond croissants on the table!

Anyway this morning mum and dad took us to a new dog park to try out a funny thing they called an “agility course”. Seriously. I mean it was STRANGE people! I had no idea what to do but somehow G was a natural, she ran up and over these funny ramps, wove through an obstacle course, ran along a narrow beam (I tried it but fell off!), then leapt over about six jumps one at a time. It was super cool but she kinda looked like she should have a saddle on.  I mean I swear I’m gonna have to start calling her horsey!  Anyway people, long story short I was hopeless and G was a total super-star. Unfortunately mum was also hopeless and forgot to take the camera so we’ll have to do it again and save the pics for another day.

Speaking of pics, me & the G-ster had a great day out last weekend at Kedron Brook off-leash area. I love the Brook, so I thought I’d share the pics with you today starting with the one above where I’m anticipating having a tennis ball thrown to me – and channeling Stains the cupcake dog! Then there’s a pic of me having a paddle in the water lillies – I tell you people the Brook is the best. Only problem is we both had to have a bath when we got home ’cause the water there is, well… just a little bit muddy. Anyway I won’t provide any more commentary – I think you get the picture – we swam, fetched, wrestled, met other hounds, stared out the ducks and generally raised havoc!  Enjoy!

(NB – Gigi did not eat the duck that belonged to that feather – I SWEAR!) (Gigi -“that’s what you think pip-squeak!”).

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Hastings Point(ers)…

Posted in Outings, Uncategorized on September 18, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all! Well I’ve been promising for ages to bring you some pics from the day Gigi and I had at the beach a few weeks ago. We went to Hasting Point (which I reckon makes us Hastings pointers!!) I know, I know – I have a bad sense of humour people!  Anyway as you can see it was a glorious day and the beach was empty – YIPPEE! That meant mum and dad allowed us to go off-leash. To get to the beach though we went on our long leads and ran through the grass that was up to my neck – it was super cool ’cause it tickled me all over as I ran along! Anyway ’cause it felt so good  I told mum to add scratchy  long grass to the list of my absolute  favourite things!

Anyway here’s me and G checking out the view and anticipating a swim in the surf – my long grass (and G’s big %$#!) is/are in the background (just kidding G – but you have put on a few since you’ve started sharing my cappuccino foam in the mornings!). I’m sure I’ve told you before but I’ve been having the BEST time since G arrived to stay – we are getting on SUPER DOOPER well, except when I try and be top dog and then G gets NAS-TEE!! We play fight most of the time when we’re not asleep – wrestling with G is the best – we love to chase each other around and everyone says G looks younger since we’ve been hanging around together.

Anyway here’s me on the beach with my Kong Wet Wubba – one of my most favourite toys ever. Unfortunately some people say the shape looks rude…which I find v. embarrassing. BALLS to them I say!

As you can see the water was crystal clear and AMAZING! As I go swimming all the time I had to help G get up the confidence to go into the waves and out where we couldn’t touch the bottom. Dad went in with us which helped. Mum just watched and took photos. What a piker!

Initially I was the only one who wanted to play with the Wubba – the only thing G is usually into is sticks – but somehow mum got her interested in my Wubba – that’s G below! Anyway we chased each other around with it for ages which was super fun!

After a while we got tired of the Wubba and just splashed about in the waves… Before long it was time to head home. I was exhausted but G still had enough energy to pose and generally leap about… I looked on in amazement!

On the way back we got to go through the long grass again to get to the car. Mum and dad brought us a bowl of cool fresh water and we had a huge drink and lay on the grass in the sun to dry off while lots of people came up to pat us. I can tell you I felt positively FAMOUS people! Anyway when we were dry mum and dad put us in our car harnesses (you have no idea how much I HATE THAT STINKIN’ HARNESS!!!). Anyway, DESPITE the harness, I snoozed all the way home warm, dry, tired and contented and snuggled up to G – it sure was a nice way to end a big afternoon!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

Damascene Queen Bean…

Posted in Homelife on September 13, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Sorry I haven’t posted for ages, Gigi staying with us has been distracting me – we’re just having too much fun to be separated! Well my loving humans thought I would bring you some pics of me getting special privileges – languishing like a Damascene Queen  on some of the cushions mum and dad brought back from Syria last year! As you can see I am looking particularly sweet and adorable – this is to make up for the mischief making Lady Gigi and I have been getting up to (teh he!). Despite the mischief, (including breaking into the house through the cat door while mum and dad were both at work!), it’s clear  mum still loves me… best of all they even brought out my very favourite new bird toy (aka the feather duster)  for me to  play with…anyway enjoy people!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


Posted in Outings on September 5, 2010 by beatricebella

Hi all. Wet and rainy in Brissie so not much to report expect Gigi and I have been pretty much housebound… Mum and dad had visitors yesterday which meant we were expected to behave. Ho hum, pretending I’m a very obedient, retiring hound luxuriating in my dog bed all day is tre boring. I’d much rather run amok like I did at the dog park yesterday when Gigi and I staged a pack pestering of the French bulldog owner. Mum and dad were v embarrassed but it WAS spectacular – Gigi barked right at him and as she barked I ran in and carried out a run-by licking. Didn’t know what hit ‘im!! Te he!!! People I can tell you Gigi and I were VERY pleased with ourselves…!

Anyway I was telling Gigi this afternoon about my recent trip with mum and dad to the bush. It was a few weeks ago before she arrived – I had a hankering for the great outdoors…so I pestered mum and dad to take me out. As I’m not allowed to chase real birds they even let me take my stuffed pheasant…anyway here’s the pics – no time for commentary tonight I’m afraid – off to mum to have my weekly ear cleaning and nail clipping! Moi – high maintenince – no way!! Woof!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.
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