Chicken little…

Hi all! Well Sunday night and we just arrived home from a super dooper big weekend away visiting mum’s folks! We had a great time – all the more ’cause my friend Gigi came to stay this weekend and will be spending the next 6 weeks with us! YIPPEE! Her mum and dad dropped her off on Friday night, and Saturday morning (after heading to Brewbakers bakery to load up with delicious Bagels!) we headed south on a mini-road trip. Mum and dad have just started a new tradition of stopping at the beach on the way down south and back – which meant Gigi and I had what can only be described as the BEST TIME EVER! I know I know – you know me well enough now to know I am prone to the occasional bout of exaggeration – but I’m being serious here guys – I mean sand AND swimming were involved! Anyway  Mum says she’s too tired after chasing us all over the beach to help me download the pics and post them tonight but said if I promised I’d be good she’ll help me with it later in the week. Paws crossed!

So tonight I thought I’d post about one of my all time favourite foods – can you guess what it is? Yep, the humble CHICKEN!!!!! So people I have to tell you that I love chicken SOOOOO much that mum and dad let me have it for one whole meal a day (’cause I’m a puppy I still get two meals a day plus if I’m really good I also get a brisket bone). My favourite is organic chicken necks – delish – raw of course – and if I’m really lucky I get an egg too. This is supposed to make my coat shine (according to dad), but I don’t care ’cause they taste so good! Sometimes if I’m really lucky, and mum has time (it gets v messy!), I get a whole raw egg to play with then eat – how lucky am I? I tried to eat the shell a few times, high in calcium apparently, but frankly people I have to say – it pretty much sucks – so don’t try it okay. Gigi told me today she prefers whole wings and drumsticks (!!), but even though my adult teeth are largely through I think I’ll stick with the necks for now, much easier to chew!

So here for your viewing pleasure I present a sort of homage to chooks. As usual these poultry pics are pinched from mum and dad’s photo albums mostly from somewhere they call “overseas”… (wherever that is I’m sure I wouldn’t like it – Gigi’s parents are going there and it seems to involve Vizsla-free travel! Just quietly I have my paws crossed that mum and dad aren’t contemplating going back there anytime soon…).

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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