Big Day Out…

Hi all! Well I’ve been promising to post on my recent visit to my very first ever dog show and mum has FINALLY come home from work for the week and agreed to help me put it together! You might remember a few weeks ago mum and dad went to the Royal Brisbane Show to meet my real family who were visiting from Victoria. Well the day after mum and dad gave me the best surprise ever – they took me a gun-dog show! It was a beautiful day and we arrived to find hundreds of different types of dogs (and not just gun-dogs!), more than i’d ever seen before and in all shapes and sizes!

We wandered around and checked it all out. First I chilled out with the Salukis…then it was on to the amazing Afghans!  Boy oh boy – they were like movie-stars!

Next we came across a dog I’d never seen before – in fact apparently there are very few in Australia…it’s called a Pharaoh Hound…and was frankly, I thought,  pretty weird looking. Typically mum liked it – oh my God – and I may wake up one day and find myself sharing the backyard with more than just the birds – NOOOOOOO!!!

Anyway next it was time to scoff at those stupid looking poodles…I mean seriously people – what type of human would do this to a self-respecting dog!  I hatched a plan to spring the glamazons  from the horrors of the hairspray and mascara but one of the bitches (her name was something like Kiki or Coco) said she enjoyed it and couldn’t go back to air-drying her fur!

After the poodles it was 101 dalmations! Boy I’ve never seen so many dalmies in one place (okay okay so I’ve only ever seen one other dalmy and that was a puppy at the local off leash park). Now these gals were magnificent, and I could relate to them better ’cause they looked a lot more like me in shape. Geez they had it all, uppity yet  elegant (with proud buttocks!) – just like a show dog should be!


Last but not least we came to the V’s!!!!! Whoa!!! There was Agnes who had raised me from a pup!!!! I hadn’t seen her since she put me on a plane when I was 9 weeks old to go and live with my mum and dad! I was V waggly excited as you can expect (those of you who’ve never met a V won’t understand that we don’t just wag our tails when we’re excited – we wag our whole bodies!!!). Anyway below is a pic of me with Agnes – boy was it nice to see her! She was showing some of my relatives (Paris, Crystal and JB) – I met them too – they were SO BEAUTIFUL! But you know the funniest thing – their whiskers had been trimmed! Heh heh!! I had to have a giggle about that – but they told me it was all about being as magnificent as possible for the judges.

After we watched the V’s being judged we went shopping and mum and dad bought me a new toy (a soft stuffed parrot – this was before Steigy & Scooter disappeared back when I was still dreaming of placing them gently in my mouth as a good duck hunter should AND GENTLY GRINDING THEM TO A PULP WITH MY NEW EXTRA STRONG ADULT TEETH!!! Anyway now I just wish Scooter was home *sigh*). (God if you bring her back I promise not to daydream about eating her again…cross my heart).

After bagging my soft parrot (I just turned on the melt the heart eyes – works a treat every time!), it was time to get back in the car and head home. Oh boy – what a great day…what a great big day out…!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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