Birds missing…!

Hi all. Something terrible has happened and I can’t help feeling partially responsible. Last week when mum was feeding two of the birds Scooter (she’s 4, below) and Steiglitz (aka Steigy – he’s 11, that’s him above) (there are 3 altogether), I decided to steal some attention so began acting cute in mum’s general vicinity. Little did I suspect my ploy would be so successful that mum turned around to play with me, then walked away forgetting to close the bird’s cage door! It wasn’t until 45 minutes later that we all realized Steigy and Scooter had made a break for freedom… I thought freedom sounded pretty good (especially the bit about having the backyard almost all to myself!) but boy oh boy were mum and dad upset – apparently pet cockatiels can’t survive long in the wild. As you can imagine mum and dad mobilised and we were in full search mode for days – including walking the neighbourhood and whistling to see if there was any response. I haven’t been much help I’m afraid…we are looking again today – wish us luck!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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