Double trouble!

Hi all! Well today I want to introduce you to one of my really good friends and someone you’ll be seeing lots more of  ’cause she’s coming to stay with us for a while – her name is Gigi – but I like to call her  “Gigi the magnificent”!  These photos are from when I first met Gigi last month. She came to stay for a weekend as a trial to see if we liked each other. Actually she’s really related to me but is MUCH older – she’s nearly 5!!!

Anyway as you can see we really hit it off (okay – I exaggerate, after I stopped jumping in her face, licking her CONSTANTLY, following her around like a shadow and copying everything she did, she stopped growling at me, so we now have a sort of arrangement – I try not to be TOO crazy, (specifically I don’t go in her kennel), and she quietly tolerates me.

Really I know deep down she loves me and thinks I am THE BEST, I know this ’cause when I went to visit her recently she let me chase her around her yard – unfortunately we went really fast and close to the pool and I accidently fell in and had to be pulled out by dad! YIKES!

Some less charitable souls (Diesel the gossipy staffy next door to be precise), suggested Gigi might have deliberately lured me close to the pool so I’d fall in, but they’re just being mean ’cause I know she loves me like a little sister…

These pics are at my house when Gigi came to visit…here she is wearing my scarf…I offered her my favourite bee toy, but she wasn’t interested… (she said bees were for babies)…I think she was just homesick…

Here she is on my favourite spot on the lounge – I let her have it ’cause she was missing her mum and dad…

And here we are going for a walk together on the floating footpath in New Farm, it was super cool ’cause everyone thought we were too cute and we both got patted heaps!

When we got home it was time to soak up some sun in my backyard. I was tired after our walk so I let Gigi borrow one of my beds and we just hung out together like sisters – all up  I think she was pretty impressed with my pad!

Anyway guess what people!? At the end of the day we got on so well together that Aunty Gigi will be coming to stay with us for six whole weeks next month when her mum and dad go overseas! YIPPEE!!!!! I can’t wait – I’ve even cleared my spot on the lounge permanently so she can make it her own when she arrives!

Best of all –  I get to say….WATCH OUT YOU BIRDS – you know what this means…YOU NO LONGER OWN THE BACKYARD! …with Gigi on my side now it’s DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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