Rip tear…

Hi all. Well it won’t be news to anyone that going to the beach is one of my favourite things. To cap off last week’s road-trip down south the folks decided to surprise me with a quick visit.

As you can see I indulged in my new favourite pastime – ball catching, as well the perennial favourite – digging giant holes for no good reason!

I also gave the soccer ball a good work-out (after being inspired by watching so much of the World Cup with dad!).

It was a beautiful day – but I wasn’t allowed to go swimming ’cause mum said there was a rip (whatever that is it must be BAD – last time I heard it  I was on the end of a major chastising from mum – just ’cause I took a running leap at her and swung from the back of her new trousers with my teeth! Geez it was FUN – until the material tore and I fell off – but mum was really upset so I won’t do that again!).

Anyway hope you enjoyed these pics. Last installment from my road trip coming soon…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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