Ally’s place

Hi all. Yesterday I went to Ally’s place. I can tell you – it was super FANTASTIC!!!!

We ran, and ran….

…then we ran some more!

I’ve previously talked about my love of snags…well Ally had a giant sized plastic sausage toy…I’m telling you, you couldn’t believe my joy! (if you look closely you can see it in my chops above).

Ally is a gorgeous gal – she’s almost as much off a show-off as me…she has a beautiful house with a huge grassy backyard.

Anyway after about 5 hours of running around the mango tree, giant snag in mouth and Ally in pursuit, I was clearly exhausted…lucky mum and took my bed.

While I slept Ally stayed up to party on with the adults – she’s older than me you see – and I needed my puppy beauty sleep…

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