Beach bandits

Hi all. Well even though it’s winter, and I only have one layer of hair instead of two layers of fur like most dogs, I just can’t seem to stay out of the water.

Dad must have got the hint when I tried to jump in the bath with him last week, or maybe it was when I kept leaping into the hose spray when they were watering the garden yesterday. Anyway they finally took me back to the beach yesterday and I just couldn’t wait to dive right in and swim.

I’ve been swimming practically forever (well since I was 12 weeks old anyway). Maybe it’s the webbed feet but I found I could swim like a fish pretty much straight away. Mum says I was bred for pointing out ducks and then retrieving them from icy lakes in Europe – but I really hate the cold so I find this hard to believe.

The first time I swam was by accident – we were at Sophie’s trotting along the lawn when suddenly Sophie wasn’t there any more. I followed only to find I plunged off the bank onto what I thought was more lawn but in fact it was the dam in Sophie’s backyard all covered in green water-weeds! It was dark and cold but we both popped back to the surface straight away and calmly paddled back to mum and dad who were calling out to me from the bank. They were AMAZED we could swim. I think dad was just about to come and rescue me. After that they couldn’t keep me outa that dam – for the rest of the day I practiced my swimming. Sophie didn’t like it so much and watched me from the bank after her first dunking.

Anyway Brisbane City Council have created a doggie swimming area near the off-leash park at Nudgee Beach. It’s very cool and heaps of dogs go. I’m still getting used to other dogs so sometimes I find it all a bit much. Anyway here’s some pics of me clowning around with my favourite beach toy the Kong Wet Wubba which I love love playing fetch with.

And here’s some pics of Sophie and I recently at the beach together. We had a great time racing around but Sophie doesn’t like the water as much as me (so I try not to splash her). I think it’s because she’s older, more responsible and not a risk-taker. Unlike me, the youngest – I’ll try anything (at least!) once and am just spoilt rotten!

To top off a great morning after yesterday’s adventure we went to my favourite bakery – Brewbakers at Albion on the way home to get bagels before heading home for a lovely warm bath – somedays it’s just great to be a hound!!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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