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Hi all. Though I’d give you an update on some of the goings on in my part of the world. Specifically the place I spend most of my time…the backyard. I might have explained earlier that being a truly urban hound means I actually don’t have a backyard as such, instead I have a courtyard. Now don’t feel sorry for me ’cause I really love my courtyard – it has everything I need including three beds so I can follow the sun and shade around all day depending on my mood and, of course, the weather.  Also I get heaps of exercise ’cause they drag me out of bed in the morning to go walking (groan…)  then subject me to yet another walk or games in the afternoon.

Even though it’s a small space, thanks to mum and dad’s obsession with cooking, it also has lots of interesting foods and smelly plants in it. In fact I love these so much (the eggplant and fig leaves are DELICIOUS!), that I eat them all day…but I have to rotate “pruning” the plants or mum notices. I’ve tried to evade detection by pointing at the possums that live in the shed next door and come out at night to hoover the parsley, but she’s blaming me for that too!

Anyway recently mum and dad did some excavations of their own. The cucumbers got pulled out and the broad-beans seeds went in. Here’s some stuff from the garden they got to before me.

Behind me on the left in the pic below is the special fence they had to build after I arrived to keep the “possums” out of the garden…

Yesterday I had an interesting day ’cause mum was cleaning and cooking. I LOVE it when she does this ’cause it means chasing the broom as well as barking at the vacuum and sampling all kinds of crazy food (my favourite place after the backyard is the kitchen – you can see why below – are they the biggest bones you have EVER SEEN or what!!??).

Anyway, after cleaning up, we bottled the green olives that have been in brine under the house since before I arrived and made preserved lemons. This was cool ’cause I got to eat my first olive and it was super YUMMY!! In fact once I started I couldn’t stop. She shouldn’t have been surprised considering I’ve already chowed down on pickled cauliflower, fresh chillis (straight from the garden – oops!), cumquats (uuuurrrggghhh!), banana, tomato, mandarin and raw carrots! It’s a pity but the olives didn’t come from our olive tree which dad swears at ’cause it never fruits. Apparently they came from the fruit shop. I reckon this is sort of cheating but I promised not to tell.

Here’s the olives in the backyard…

Even though I’m happy to try anything once I really am a fussy eater. Mum says I’m “not food motivated” which is dog owner language to explain why I’m sometimes embarassingly disobedient – heh heh!! I mean do you blame me for ignoring the kibble and holding out for the pan sautéed mullet with zucchini in soy sauce that dad made me the other night. Unfortunately most days it’s kibble, chicken necks (to brush my teeth – as if – more like ’cause they are bloody delicious!), and a brisket bone right before they leave for work. They think the bone distracts me…well have I got news for you guys…IT’S A BIG FAT SIGNAL EVERYDAY THAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOCK ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Hrrrmp!   And to add insult to injury then I’m stuck all day with THOSE  BIRDS…!

Anyway I’m going to change the subject before I get morose – after we bottled the olives I finally got some me time – I dragged her down to the off-leash park. Everyone there reckons I’ve grown HEAPS! I asked mum to take these pics so you can see for yourself…not bad for a courtyard pup ‘eh!

I reckon it’s all those olives!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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