Beagles and bassets

Hi all. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend – have certainly had a fantastic time myself so far. This morning I had great fun with my trainer Ziggy at Wynnum where I met heaps of new friends. Ziggy has been training my mum and dad since I was 12 weeks old and today (17 weeks!) they got tested out on making me come to them when they call, sitting, dropping, walking nicely in my halter and staying. They’ve been pretty good parents so far so I thought I’d help them graduate – I cooperated MOSTLY…but not enough that they didn’t appreciate that I’m still the boss! Heh heh!!

The first part of the test was in the off-leash area where I met these guys. I had to demonstrate how polite I am with other dogs – easy peasy…

It was my first meeting with a basset though and I can’t say I was too impressed…the verdict – low and slow with eyes like he’d had a long night on the turps!

After hanging out with the basset  it was off to Wynnum markets to prove how polite I am with people. Needless to say it was a breeze and I passed with flying colours. As planned I made sure the report card for mum and dad wasn’t too good though – “need to try harder”.  Heh heh! More practicing my sits, stays and “come when called” means more duck jerky treat rewards for me!!! Yippee!!

Anyway apart from today have been having a great time with lots of new friends lately. Mum has been slack with the camera so there’s not many pics of them yet. Here’s a pic of Ally the beagle though taken by her mum at Stradbroke Island. I love Ally – she’s older and braver than me and takes on ANY dog in the park. She’s also super-cute…actually I’m not too happy about that…you know how much I like being the centre of attention! We went to Nudgee Beach the other day and she showed me how to mix-it with the really big dogs. I was totally impressed…

Apart from hanging out with friends I’ve also been spending lots of time at the park with mum and dad. Here’s some pics of me and dad at my favourite place – Kedron Brook…

The best thing about Kedron Brook is the brook (which, of course, has LOTS OF DUCKS!!). Here’s me executing a brook crossing. Shortly after this I fell in. Opps! So sorry to frighten you ducks. NOT!!!

Oh well – I have a big day planned for tomorrow so I think it’s time I signed off for tonight.  Goodnight all – may your dreams be sweet and full of wide open spaces and plump waterfowl!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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