Hiya all. Hope your long weekend was as bark-alicious and exhausting as mine. If you’re anything like me you’ll still be sleeping it off (but hopefully not having to tolerate being photographed when you’re feeling a little under the weather – anyone have a Berocca!?…or at least a grooming brush!?  I mean give me some consideration pleasssseeeeee people…I’m having a bad fur day here…and I’m ON THE BED…I want no record, no record I tell you!!).

Well as expected my sleep-over at Sophie’s was a blast – horses, chooks, ducks, secret under the table treats (shhhh!!), being snapped, snarled and barked at by the grumpy old geriatric next door (cattle dogs are so BORING) and generally being super crazy with Sophie playing chasing games. I didn’t tell mum and dad that I peed on the floor a few times, accidently of course…lucky they have tiles and Sophie’s mum and dad are GREAT at keeping secrets!

Anyway after I was picked up from Sophie’s I slept for 24 hours STRAIGHT.  They even let me ON THE BED! OMG! They must have been worried I’d never wake up. I am not usually allowed ON THE BED under ANY circumstances (well that was the instructions when I first arrived), but I’ve been working on them with a particular “melt a thousand non-canine hearts look” I’ve been cultivating and hey presto – ON THE BED I am!!! My plan is to look so cute on the few rare (but increasing) occasions that I do get ON THE BED that they let me stay…I’d say it’s working pretty well hey?  Whaddya reckon…?

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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