Hi all – or to all you non-believers “woof woof”!  Doing my little Viz waggle here as I haven’t seen you for nearly a week. Well thought I’d start my second post with some pictures of me just as a sort of a trial run – still finding my way around this damn technology. Being a canine I’m a bit of a luddite you see, so I’m a bit slow off the posting mark (before I hear all those sniggers – ever tried to type with a paw buddy!?).

Cute ‘eh! I know, I know, vanity – it’s a sin, but hey, give a dog a break. I AM pretty darn cute, and it’s hard work you know, keepin’ the ears at just the right angle and the eyes all “melt your heart” golden brown to match my soft russet fur.  Okay okay – I hear you – enough already!  So anyway – the pics above were taken when I was 12 weeks old (I’m 15 weeks now but who’s counting!?) and on the left there is Bee.  Bee WAS my favourite toy but I’m mostly over her now, don’t tell mum though ’cause I still humour her and act sort of interested if she throws it, I even feign an excited waggle, but, well, bees are so yesterday don’t you think?

Anyway you can see I’m on the lounge which mum and dad covered up especially for me after they took away ALL of my favourite cushions. You know the ones they got in all of those places with exotic sounding names like Damascus and Tunis. They were all there when I arrived then one day, POOF – gone overnight!  Man I LOVED those cushions, they were comfy, and chewing the tassels tasted great, sort of musty and musky with hints of sumac and coal smoke and a touch of sweet oriental feline.  I’m telling you trying to pull off the tiny hand-made antique buttons was hours of fun.

Above is a pic of me dreaming of sweet oriental felines…

And below is a pic of our house BEFORE I arrived…

Our place is tiny and there’s interesting old junk EVERYWHERE!  Mum says it’s not worth photographing since I arrived ’cause it’s been “puppy proofed”.  I mean seriously, just ’cause I feel the occassional urge to gnaw a little here and there – I’m usually pretty discriminating too, it’s only the really old stuff that I go for – you know, that antique gear, I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about! (see pic of me doing my sweet and innocent look below…I find this look works well after peeing on newly laundered bedspreads and irreplaceable kilims posted by mum and dad from crazy Turkish post-offices in remote parts of Anatolia).

Anyway I haven’t mentioned yet that I’m a BrisViz. Yup – that’s a Brisbane Vizsla to all you non-Antipodeans.  And a mighty hip city this Brisbane is turning out to be!  I’ve added to that of course – arriving from Melbourne 5 weeks ago and bringing a bit of savvy arty canine cool with me.  Hey, didn’t I already mention my love of good coffee?!  But that, of course, is a story for another day…

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.


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