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Hello World!

Posted in Homelife on May 29, 2010 by beatricebella

I’m a dog. A Hungarian Vizsla to be precise. My real name is Hubertus Nova Rosa (which means “new rose” in Portuguese). It suits me cause everyone says I look really pretty but I also have super sharp teeth, sort of like rose thorns I guess. Hubertus is my kennel name. Mum and dad have called me “Beatrice Bella Fauve” but you can just call me Bella, Bel or Bini. Mum and dad think it’s funny but “fauve” means “wild beast” in French. I guess it’s true…on occasions I do sort of, well, go a bit crazy.

Of course you have guessed I’m a girl. I might be a bitch…but don’t hold it against me, I’m actually very sweet, loyal and affectionate. My favourite things are ducks (just looking I promise!), bagels, cappuccino foam, cuddles, sticking my head out the car window until my ears flap, chasing my tail, sleeping on mum’s lap and barking at my dad’s vespa. They arn’t really my parents – I’m adopted but more on that later.

Hey did I mention I’m a city dog? We live in a unit but it’s not so bad, I have a back yard sort of…but I have to share it with THE BIRDS…did you ever see that Afred Hitchcock movie? Yep. Nasty! Anyway this is the story of my life, as I live it, and all my adventures. I hope you like it – and if you don’t – bite me!

© Beatrice Bella Fauve and Bella Vizsla, 2010.

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